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Germany is a West central European country that has the North Sea along with Denmark as also the Baltic Sea to its north and is bordered by Poland and Czechoslovakia to its east while to its south lie the countries of Austria and Switzerland, and France, Luxembourg as well as Belgium and Netherlands lie to its west. The capital of the country is located at Berlin, and its political system is one of a parliamentary federation that includes sixteen separate states.

Rotes Rathaus, Berlin Town Hall, Germany

Germany, the same country that had to subdued by the Allied powers during the Second World War, seems to have shrugged off its defeat of that time and is now one of the modern as well as great powers of the world and is also a member of NATO, the United Nations as well as G8 and G4 nations and it is the fourth largest spender in defense matters in the world. It is also the third largest economy of the world and has the distinction of being the largest exporter in the world, while also ranking second amongst importing nations of the world.

The main religion of Germany is shared between Protestants that live in the north and east and Roman Catholics that are found in the south and west of the country with each comprising about thirty percent of the population. The people are well educated and the main language is German, and this country is rich in its cultural history and is often called the ‘Land of poets and thinkers’ and German culture has spanned many centuries being shaped by some key intellectual as well as popular events that have taken place in Europe. Among the more renowned German poets and authors the names of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as well as Friedrich Schiller stand out. And, one should also not forget the folk tales collection of the Grimm Brothers.

As would be expected of a rich and developed country of the world you will be sure to find that it has big cities that are quite elegant and that is in sharp contrast to its many postcard sized small towns. You will also enjoy the many pagan-style festivals held in Germany including the world famous Oktoberfest and the art and culture of this mighty land are also quite well developed.

There are a number of forests as well as enthralling castles to visit and of course you will find plenty of fine wine and beer throughout the country. Another popular tourist attraction is the Berlin Botanic Gardens, which is home to over 18,000 different kinds of plant species.

You can visit Germany at any time of the year though the months between May and September are especially good because of the sunny skies that make the outdoor adventure seeker being drawn here in great numbers. There are many beer gardens and the cafes are always almost busy and there is also plenty of outdoor activity such as hiking, cycling as well as swimming to enjoy.

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