Hong Kong – The Chinese British City

One of the most popular tourist destinations, Hong Kong is part of China yet it maintains free enterprise. History says that Hong Kong was a colony of the Great Britain until 1984 when the British handed over this amazing city to China with a strange stipulation, i.e. that its free market would be sustained as it is for at least 50 years onwards. This is why Hong Kong stands out as a unique city.

Today Hong Kong is the Special Administrative Region of China while it still enjoys free market. It has exceptionally conducive import and export laws with a tax rate that does not exceed 15 percent. This is why Hong Kong’s economy is highly vibrant and business and entrepreneurship is most common.

Hong Kong

Known as the ‘Movie Capital of Asia’, Hong Kong offers non-stop entertainment to its tourists, which is one of the main industries. You will find that the city is predominantly Chinese by tradition and culture, while English is spoken as second main language.

As a tourist you will be amazed by the diversity this city offers. You can experience the loudest and most bustling night life here. At the same time you would be able to enjoy the spiritual quietness of the Buddhist temples.

Paradise for Food Gourmets

Are you in love with food? Hong Kong is the place for you in that case. You will find some mind-blowing local cuisine (Chinese food) that never tasted as good anywhere else – such as chicken lo mein, dim sum, whole trout fried, tofu, soft shell crab meat, the famous Peking duck, the Tong Cho oysters  to name a few. There is no dearth of continental food either – including McDonalds.

Shopping Paradise – When you are in Hong Kong try to save on everything (if you are n a budget) by sleeping in dormitories (which are exceptionally clean and well maintained) and eating great stuff from the road side and use all your money for shopping. Tough expensive, Honk Kong is a real paradise for shopping as it offers you a wide variety of knick knacks and fancy items that you never knew existed. Check out the Golden Mile, Mongkok and Yaumati for some great bargains.

Attractions in Hong Kong

It is said that Hong Kong never sleeps. Check out the Aberdeen and Harbour at night by taking a leisure cruise. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Check out the Repulse Bay which offers one of the most popular beaches in Hong Kong. Though it is a wonderful place to spend time, it tends to be messy because of the excessive littering left over by the visitors over the weekends.

Do not miss the Victoria Park which was built as long ago as 1888 which will lead you to the Victoria peak which is 1350 ft above the sea level. Have a snack here while enjoying the panoramic view of Hong Kong.

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