Petite Côte

A visit to Petite Cote will take you south east of the capital of Senegal which is Dakar, and if it is pleasurable beach fun that brings you here or just for the chance to see the excellent fishing villages, your time here is bound to be filled with sun filled excitement. There is also a sea that is known for its calmness right here at Petite Cote which is also protected from high winds thanks to the Cap –Vert Peninsula.

You could begin your tour of the Petit Cote with a visit to the famous seaside resort known as Saly where there is plenty of good hotel accommodations available and that is why it is a veritable Mecca for tourists who are attracted by the excellent activities provided here including windsurfing, fishing, water skiing, tennis and swimming as well as horse riding and more.

Mbodiene, Petite Cote, Senegal

Some of the best beaches are found south of Saly in places such as Nianing as well as Mbodiene and you can also find many clams and even oysters in the waters not too far from the shores. Another striking place to visit is Fadiouth Island while you can also go to Mbour as well as Mbodiene and Joal-Joal that is the native place of Senegalese President named Leopold Senghor.

While, if you travel another sixty kilometers from the capital Dakar you should come to a tiny village known as Popenguine that is situated on a seashore that lies sandwiched between Somone and also Toubab Diallal and this place has been frequented by many thousands of young Christians who come to this sanctuary each year following Whit and the practice has been going on since the year 1888.

Thus, any visit to Petite Cote will allow you to enjoy the seventy odd kilometers of a coast that extends from Rufisque to Joal Fadiouth with many villages in between including Yene, Ndayane, Toubab Diallao and also Somone and even Ngaparou where the beaches are very inviting indeed.

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