Rhone Alpes

Rhone Alpes

There is a lot of contrast that is very noticeable to anyone visiting Rhone Alpes. You will love the gorges that are found in Ardeche and you can’t help but are impressed by the outstanding French Alps as well. It is not for nothing that the French Alps is considered without peer in the whole of Europe and also in the rest of the world.

The highest peak is Mont Blanc and you can visit Chamonix and also Courcheval that are excellent ski stations. In fact, you will not be able to find better ski stations in the rest of the world. Be sure to visit here during the ski season that lasts till April and which begins towards the end of November.

Evian les Bains, Rhone Alpes

If you are not a skier it will not matter because you can try the other French delights. Be sure to visit Lyon that is the second city in France that has excellent architecture from the Renaissance times, and there are excellent museums as well. More than that, you can enjoy lovely spa towns that border on Lake Geneva and include Evian.

Day Out In Rhone Alpes

When in the Rhone Alpes you would do well to sample the excellent Beaujolais which is a red fruity wine and the excellent Beaujolais Nouveau that’s only released from its storage place deep in wine cellars on each Thursday in the third week of November is worth sampling.

For culture, you can spend time in Lyon where there is the outstanding Musee des Beaux arts and here you will find the most excellent works of art that is second only in terms of size to what you can view at the Louvre.

Or, stroll down the Evian-les-Bains which is situated by the shores of Lake Geneva and if that does not satisfy you, there is always the never to be forgotten spa treatments which are readily available here.

Another excellent place to visit is Temple d’Auguste et Livie which is very impressive to say the least, and along with the impressive Corinthian columns imposes it over the town that has existed from Roman times called Vienne.

There are many natural parks that total six in all, and the number of nature reserves is twenty-eight all of which makes the Rhone Alpes very attractive for nature lovers.

Check out Ain and Bourg en Bresse that is well known for chickens, and Dombes that has fantastic natural wonders. In addition, Ardeche has Vallon Pont d’Arc and many caves to discover paintings from prehistoric times.

Drome has Montelimar where nothing much has changed since the Medieval Age, or come to Valence which is a market town from where you can discover excellent vineyards in the vicinity of Die.

Chamoix is a place that attracts many crowds in all seasons and in fact there are only two other natural sites on the planet that are visited more often. Here, there is plenty for the skier, free-rider, snowboarder and also something for those who love to skate.

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