Rome – The Eternal City

About the city…

Rome, a breathtaking city with a certain air of timelessness about itself, is the capital of Italy and the most populated commune in the country. Mythology tells us that Rome gets its name from its founders, Romulus and Remus though archaeological evidence suggests that the city grew from pastoral settlements on the palatine hill. The Leonardo da Vinci Airport or the Rome-Fiumicino International Airport is well connected to different parts of the globe by most of the major air carriers.

When to visit Rome…

The tourist season in Rome begins at Easter and continues up to October, spring and autumn being the peak periods when tourists pour in from various parts of the world. The numerous outdoor festivities and the light traffic on the roads made possible by the residents abandoning the city to enjoy the mountains and beaches in summers also makes it an ideal time to visit this beautiful city. Some restaurants and shops close in the month of august and Christmas time witnesses a mild winter and a few fun activities.

Some must see places in Rome

The Roman Colosseum

Concrete Roman Colosseum

Also known as the Flavius Amphitheatre, The Colosseum of Rome is one of the most imposing structures that stand witness to the innumerable bloody fights that were fought on its opening ceremony and the gladiatorial combats which the people thronged to see, a major form of entertainment those times. The arena has a capacity of 70,000 spectators. Built out of slabs of travertine stone, the original structure consisted of 4 storeys. What stands today is a skeletal remains of the original splendor. The tiers are angled in such a way that a spectator, wherever he’s seated gets a clear view.

The Pantheon

Coming from two Greek words, “pan” and “teon” meaning everything divine, it is one of the oldest works of art existing. It is the best preserved monument having the biggest brick dome in the history of architecture. It was built between 25 and 27 BC and later rebuilt in 80 AD, after a fire. The present day structure was built by Emperor Hadrian after the original was hit by lightening and caught fire again, after lot of modifications and restructuring. As Michelangelo put it, the Pantheon is indeed a work of angels, not men.

St Peter’s Square – The Colonnades

The ornately decorated Basilica beneath the dome architectured by Michelangelo attracts many pilgrims of the Roman Catholic faith. It has taken more than 100 years to build and all the great designers of yore had a part to play.

The Roman Forum

It is situated between the Colosseum and the Piazza Venezia. A magnificent view of the Forum can be obtained from the terrace of Campidoglio. The imposing ruins of Basilica Emelia, the Cura, which was once upon a time the seat of the senate is also visible from the terrace. The forum was a place of celebrations during Caesar’s time and a symbol of The Empire in the imperial times.

Here’s the place for all you travel enthusiasts to come, visit Rome and experience and enjoy the enriching flavor of one of the oldest cities in the world.

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