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Thailand that was once known as the Kingdom of Thailand lies in Southeast Asia and it has been home to many indigenous cultures. The major influences in Thai culture are those of India and China as well as some of the other cultures from countries neighboring this beautiful country. It is almost as large as Spain as also the state of California and is home to several distinct geographic regions and the climate is mainly tropical with plenty of monsoons.

Bangkok Thailand

Thailand is quite prosperous and its newly industrialized economy has at one time enjoyed the highest growth rate during the decade between 1985 and 1995. The population is mainly Tai speaking and among them is the Central Thai who are most numerous followed by the Northeastern Thai and the Northern Thai as well as Southern Thai peoples. As you would expect, the Thai language is the national language having its own alphabet though there are many ethnic as well as regional dialects as well. English, though taught in schools is of a low proficiency.

Thais are mainly Theravada Buddhists, which has evolved over time with many regional beliefs having been incorporated and Islam is prevalent in the South of Thailand. The culture is like that of other Asian countries and respect of elders as well as ancestors is part of the Thai spiritual practice. In addition, the Thais are very hospitable people who are also known for their generosity, with a pronounced sense of social hierarchy.

The famous sport of Muay Thai or Thai boxing is Thailand’s national sport as well as a native martial art, which has grown in popularity throughout the world, especially during the 1990s. You would also like the Thai cuisine that has five basic tastes, which are sweet, sour, and spicy as well as bitter and salty.

Tourism is a major attraction as well as a major industry in Thailand with people from all parts of the world coming here including many Germans and Scandinavians. The best time to visit this wonderful country would no doubt be during February and March months when the weather is at its kindest and the beaches too are fun to be at. Besides Bangkok, the Capital of Thailand, there are also many other places to visit once you come to Thailand.

Of special interests to tourists are the Island of Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, and of course the capital Bangkok. In fact, Phuket Island prides itself on being Asia’s most popular tourist and holiday resort and it is ideally suited for a perfect holiday. You will find plenty of entertainment in Patong Beach, Kata as well as Karon where the bars, restaurants as well as exciting seafood and explosive night life will keep you interested well past the wee hours of the night.

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