Top 5 Destinations in India


Top 5 Destinations in India

With its centuries old traditions, India has fascinated many millions of tourists that come there from all over the world and with so much of history and culture on offer, not to mention the wildlife and natural scenic beauty, there is something of interest to everyone visiting India. Of course, with so much to choose from, people may become a bit confused as to where to begin though. Here are the top five destinations that every tourist should visit at least once when visiting India.

Taj Mahal

Perhaps, it would be a wonderful idea to start your journey through India with a visit to Agra where one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal, is located. This monument erected to show the love and esteem that the Moghul Emperor Shah Jehan had for his departed Queen Mumtaz is a veritable piece of poetry set to marble. And, having come to see the Taj Mahal, don’t forget to have you photographed which will help you take home a precious moment in your life and cherish that memory for years to come. While in Agra, it would also pay to visit another and perhaps even greater Moghul Emperor’s grave – that of Akbar the Great.


Khajuraho Temple, Top 5 Destinations in India

And, while you are taken up by love and its many splendors, another place worth visiting in India would be Khajuraho where you will find temples that were erected as far back as 1050 A.D. by the famous Chandela Kings, and there are twenty-two of these beautiful temples which embody the great erotica that India is famous for and which are artistically set in unique forms that are not found anywhere else in the world. Besides being famous for the intellect and spiritual mindset of people from that bygone era, Khajuraho is also where the saga of Indian love calls as its home and it is here that the Kama Sutra also lives.


You might also want to take in a place called Lakshadweep which is located in the Arabian Sea on the west coast of India and here you will find excellent grouping of coral islands that are still relatively undiscovered and where you can enjoy snorkeling and also swimming. If you are looking for something unusual then this best kept Indian secret destination is a must for you.

Lahaul Spiti

For those who come to India to experience spiritual awakening, there is the excellent Lahaul Spiti that is located in rugged mountains and which is set amongst the most beautiful of natural settings. Both Lahaul and Spiti are remote lying valleys that they are located near Tibet and Ladhakh and it is a real paradise for trekkers as well.

Bandhavgarh National Park

Finally, you may want to take in Bandhavgarh National Park which comprises more than four hundred and forty eight square kilometers and is a real haven for wildlife where you can see the famous royal Indian tigers in its natural habitat and there are other wildlife to be viewed as well such as elephants, many different species of birds and also deer and nilgais.

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