A Historic Journey to Milan

Milan is a wonderful city in Italy that boasts of many diverse attractions and will suit people with different tastes. In this city, you can find modern art and some very amazing architectural delights. In fact, anyone that is interested in art and culture must make Milan one of their tourist destinations as there is awesome art and plenty of culture to view as well. Be sure to check out the National Museum of Science and Technology that enjoys the enviable reputation of being among the foremost scientific as well as technical museums in the world.

You can also take in a stretch of water in the center of Milan and when you enter Brera you will almost feel like you are in Paris and not Milan because of the high fashion you will get to see. For sure, you will not be able to resist the apparel displayed out in the open air that is exquisite pieces begging you to dip into your wallet and make a purchase.

Castello Sforzesco, Milan

If you have time to spare, you can take in the excellent parks with meadows and more that are situated close to Castello Sforzesco. And, of course you must take a nibble of the excellent multi-cuisine that is freely available in Milan that encompasses culinary fare from diverse parts of the world including African, Indian, Middle Eastern as well as Japanese, to name a few. However, you will also relish the indigenous food of Milan and your visit to Milan would lack certainly lack in flavor if you did not try out the fare of the local eateries. Of special interest would be the Negroni that is an aperitif that you can sample along with snacks, and other worthwhile dishes include Risotto alla Milanese as well as Cassouella.

There is perhaps no better place to pick up on fashion trends and clothing than Milan and you should take the time to visit the Fashion Quadrilatero where you will see the best in Italian and other fashion with the entire world famous fashion brands being readily available.

Without a doubt, a visit to Milan will convince you that you have come to an enchanting and exciting city where you can view a great number of places of historical importance though art as embodied in the work “Last Supper” that is the work of Leonardo da Vinci really stands out.

And, if you have had had your fill of art, culture and fashion there is still more to enthrall you in the form of skiing that is also quite popular here. There are many skiing vacations to take even for those who are beginners and even for experts as well as intermediate skiers. Skiing in the Alps on the Italian side is not only very exciting but the prices too are quite reasonable and you also won’t have to travel far to visit some of the other more well known skiing slopes of the world.

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