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Bali: Activity Paradise

About Bali

Bali is one of the islands in the country of Indonesia, known for being a tropical and activity paradise and interesting cultural tradition. Bali shows off spectacular and picturesque scenery with its flourishing verdant tropical forest; home to striking and exotic species of wildlife, abounding rice terraces, and lovely sandy beaches. Not to be missed out is the chance to experience witnessing some of the greatest sunsets globally.

Activities to Enjoy in Bali

Surfing in Bali

The lovely island of Bali has the most important element that surfers are always in the look out for – its giant world-class waves. For those who are interesting to try and learn surfing Bali, there are surfing camps and schools available to help you out with surfing lessons and needs. Magnificent surfing waves and the possibility to enjoy surfing everyday are some of the reasons why many surfers around the world tagged Bali as a “Surfing Paradise.”

Bali, Bali Island, Indonesia

Diving in Bali

Diving is one of the most popular activities that are enjoyed by many Bali travelers. The most ideal time to dive in Bali is during the dry season because warm water temperature allows better view of marine creatures like tropical fishes and coral reefs under the waters of Bali. Bali has a lot to offer that would really satisfy every traveler’s diving needs. An example of a very popular diving site in Bali is the Menjangan Island in the western part of Bali.

Adventure Sports in Bali

Bungy Jumping and Slingshot are some of the well-known adventure sports for those who love engaging in thrilling adventure sports while they are in Bali. Bungy jumping are for those who love to experience the stimulating plunge while the slingshot is for those who want to experience being shooted up toward the skyward just like a bullet. For both of these activities, there are many sites ideal for these activities.

Water Activities in Bali

Indeed, Bali presents many entertaining opportunities that will surely satisfy every traveler. For the thrill seekers, it is very important to see Bali because of the many adventure parks in the area. Because of the rising number of adventurers visiting Bali, more exhilarating and stimulating attractions are established in order to make them all happy and contented in visiting Bali. Offshore rafting is now getting popular in Bali, where tourists enjoy meeting up with giant waves while riding on a boat running at a very fast speed.

Though many travelers take pleasure from the adventurous sports in Bali, there are still many other water related activities for the less adventurous traveler. White water rafting is another refreshing water activity wherein travelers can get the chance of watching fantastic scenery as they go along the route.

Indeed, Bali is a Vacation Paradise with all the activities that any traveler can enjoy. Visit Bali, Indonesia and be a witness of how lovely Bali is.

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