Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Tourist Attractions

Machu Picchu, a city built during the 1460 and 1470 AD, is situated high in the Andes Mountains in Peru. Everything inside this city from the complex and refined gardens to the multifaceted bridges and channels was intended to give travelers and locals an idea about the blessed relationship of nature and mankind.

Best time to Visit Macchu Pichu

If you are planning to travel to Macchu Picchu, the best time to visit is during the off peak months from April to May or September to October. Fewer travelers go to see Macchu Picchu during these months providing you with ease in traveling without the stress of queuing with hoards of travelers going to and from. You can have the chance to enjoy every glimpse within the city during Sundays when less people go there. In case the crowds increase during noontime and you want to avoid this assembly, you can settle to visit a nearby attraction like the Huayna Picchu or the Inca Bridge then go back to Macchu Picchu when the crowd is easier to handle.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Macchu Picchu Attractions

  • Temple of the Sun- Visiting the city opens up the chance to see many historic and magnificent attractions that are ruins of the ancient past of Macchu Picchu. The first attraction site that you will see when you enter the ruins is the Temple of the Sun. However, entering the temple is not allowed and yet this condition does carry much impact because the sight of the exterior architecture that you can witness is enough to create a lasting impression about this rich ruins of the past.
  • Royal Tomb – The Royal Tomb is a cave-like structure, which houses an outstanding stepped altar and a progression of niches. Another inviting charm that you will be able to see down the stairs of the Royal Tomb is a water canal and a chain of interrelated fountains. Visiting this sight provides travelers with enough knowledge of how Macchu Picchu became a much celebrated travel destination.
  • Chamber of the Princess- Situated next to the Temple of the Sun is the two-story Chamber of the Princess. This structure and the nearby structures give travelers the chance to imagining how buildings look like during the Incan Period.
  • Intihuatana- it is obvious that hiking is a very important activity for you to see the whole of Macchu Picchu. And you will do the same if you want to see and visit one of the most important shrines in the area. Intihuatana is a captivating carved wood that imitates the blessed peak rising ahead of the ruins.

There is an endless list of the interesting attractions to visit in Macchu Picchu, most of them providing not only provides travelers the chance to visit lovely and magnificent shrines but also allow them to learn about the rich culture and history of Macchu Picchu.

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