Costa Rica Vacations

The Republic of Costa Rica is a Central American country whose name literally translates into “Rich Coast” and it lies in the vicinity of Nicaragua to its north, Panama to the south as well as has the Pacific Ocean kissing its shores to its west and south, as also the Caribbean Sea to its east. One of the notable features of this wonderful holiday vacation destination is that it was the world’s first country to abolish its army through constitutional means.

The country’s economy depends to a large extent on electronic, pharmaceutical as well as financial outsourcing as well as software development and ecotourism. The people are highly educated, which makes Costa Rica a good country to invest money in. The country also has rich variations in plants as well as animals, and even in spite of its small size (0.1 percent of the world’s landmass) it does contain as much as five percent of the biodiversity of the world. More than a quarter of the country is made up of protected forests as well as reserves.

The Corcovado National Park is an internationally renowned national park that has big cats as well as tapirs, besides there is a great diversity in its wildlife for tourists to enjoy. The predominant religion is Christianity and the people of Costa Rica consider themselves as masculine (tico) or feminine (tica). The country also has a diverse history and is the meeting place for Mesoamerican as well as South American native cultures.

A visit to this wonderful country will provide enough enjoyable as well as pleasure filled experiences – what with the splendid tropical beaches and the bountiful splendor of nature combined with the exhilarating culture, all of which are ideal ingredients that make for a wonderful vacation. There are thousands that visit the Guayabo Archaeological Monument. There is plenty to do is it visiting the North, South, or Central Caribbean, or going to see the Northern Plains or Monteverde.

Costa Rica

Costa Rican beaches are really privileged spots that lie in the very center of Central America and you have these beaches that touch both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and it is possible to travel from coast to coast in a mere three hours by road or forty-five minutes by plane. For the avid surfer there are Esterillos, Jaco, Hermosa, as well as Boca Barranca to check out.

With such splendid biodiversity, Costa Rica provides many activities to enjoy including horseback riding, hiking as well as bird-watching. Tortuguero National Park is famed worldwide for its turtles that nest here every year, and with natural canals you can also enjoy viewing the protected species like the otters, crocodiles as well as manatees.

There is certainly a lot that recommends Costa Rica as a tourist destination, and properties here too make for an attractive investment opportunity.

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