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The largest city in Canada and the capital of Ontario – Toronto is one of the premier tourist destinations, attracting a dizzying number of visitors each year. Perhaps, Toronto is the eclectic as well as ethnic of all Canadian cities, consisting of more than 70 communities from Asia, Europe, and Africa. Ranked among the top ten tourist destinations in the world, Toronto boasts of historic landmarks, cultural attractions, amusements, and live entertainment, apart from world-class facilities. In addition, world famous attractions such as Niagara Waterfalls and Paramount Canada’s Wonderland are within easy reach of Toronto. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular Toronto’s tourist destinations and cultural events.

Toronto Canada

Situated on the shores of the Ontario Lake, Toronto consists of a superb network of theme parks, museums, art galleries, concert halls, stadiums, and casinos. Most popular among Toronto’s theme parks are Screemers Haunted House, Wild Water Kingdom, Canadian National Exhibition, and Metro Toronto Zoo. Bata Shoe Museum, Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma, and Art Gallery of Ontario, are just few among the many of Toronto’s museums and art galleries. Included in the popular concert halls are Molson Amphitheatre, Massey Hall, Air Canada Centre, and Woodbine Racetrack. Toronto’s much famed attractions also cover CN Tower – the tallest building in the world, and Toronto Islands, just a short ferry ride from the Yonge Street, with amusement park and beaches. In addition, Toronto is credited be the third largest theater center in the world, after New York and London. The city also hosts such great cultural celebrations as Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto Street Festival, and Caribana, which is the largest in North America.

Backed by excellent sports facilities such as the Hockey Hall of Fame, SkyDome Stadium and magnificent tennis courts, Toronto is a venue for a host of professional athletic events. The city also has excellent options for golf, with such exceptional choices as Glen Abbey Golf Course. Further, wonderful attractions like the Waterfront Trail enable you to enjoy a continuum of leisurely activities including cycling, walking, and rollerblading. With a myriad of lakes, streams, and rivers, Toronto occupies almost 15% of the world’s fresh water. Besides, all of them provide opportunities to enjoy a variety of water sport activities such as kayaking, rafting, and sailing. Also, worth mentioning is Toronto’s dining options. Since a diverse city, Toronto offers multicultural culinary delights, which are unique and at the same time sure to tantalize any taste bud. Above all, Toronto is a shoppers’ paradise, with markets such as Kensington Market, Queen Street West, and St Lawrence Market, all of which are a diverse mix of culture and dotted with traditional style houses, vibrant streets, and turquoise.

With its picturesque background, marvelous attractions, and excellent entertainment facilities, Toronto caters to all types of visitors ranging luxurious and budget conscious to modern and nature lovers. 

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