Holidays in Mainland, Greece

There are many holiday makers that are greatly attracted to Mainland, Greece as here you will find many wondrous beaches, coupled with the excellent Mediterranean climate and the many unspoiled villages that beckon increasing numbers of tourists here each year to enjoy the fantastic history and culture of Greece. There are many resorts that offer outstanding scenic beauty coupled with the enchanting beaches and topped off with the wonderful cuisine that are just too attractive to pass over and which offers tourists enough opportunity to unwind and relax in comfort.

Mainland Greece has a lot more greenery and it is also quite mountainous as compared with the islands though it is generally not as well developed. You can reach here by charter as also scheduled flights, especially from the United Kingdom and it is most convenient to fly to Athens, the capital that is very busy city located in the south of Greece where you will find the Parthenon on the Acropolis.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Macedonia is the largest region on mainland Greece and lies in the north with its capital city known as Thessaloniki which is also very vibrant and is a busy Byzantine city located near the coast. Close from Thessaloniki are the beaches of Chalkidiki and the peninsula in the Aegean where you can find the Blue Flag beaches that have outstanding and splendid scenic beauty.

For a truly authentic as well as relaxing holiday on mainland Greece you could visit its central parts where the Pelion peninsula lies. You can also be assured of the commodious and comfortable accommodations in these parts, from where you can make excursions to the sandy beaches or take to the mountains while you may also want to choose to visit the charming villages that dot the landscape, especially near to the mountains. What you will not fail to notice are the exotic beaches and spectacular scenic beauty of the mainland.

When on the mainland in Greece you will be confronted with three different types of climate including the Mediterranean climate that has mild and wet winters along with hot as well as dry summers, an alpine climate found mainly in the west of the mainland, and a temperate climate that you would experience in the Central as well as Eastern Macedonia.

When on the mainland, be prepared for a lot of mountainous terrain as there is as much as eighty percent of the land that is mountainous which also makes Greece among the most mountainous countries of Europe. The highest point in Greece is the Mount Olympus. It is also a famous place for bird watching and there are many tours organized around this activity.

Though most attention revolves around the islands of Greece, the mainland too has much to offer in the form of such rarely visited places such as Epiros that lies to the northwest and where you will be spellbound by the amazing natural beauty that has remained untouched throughout history and which will provide you with a blissful experience that you won’t want to ever miss.

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