Information on the Finest Places in Peru

Peru, a country in western South America, has a lot to offer when it comes to important and interesting places worthy of a visit. Successor of prehistoric culture, Peru is a product of the blending of rich cultures and interesting archaeological history. Proofs of this statement are evident in many of the most remarkable travel destinations in Peru.

Where to Go in Peru


Situated along the Pacific Coast, the Peruvian shoreline promises a lot of valuable potentials when it comes to water related activities. The coastline’s distinctive characteristic includes variations in different areas with calm, serene water on some parts and roaring waves in the other.

Cuzco, Peru

This old-fashioned and pretty town is quite small and can be reached by plane only. Parks in Cuzco are filled with pigeons completing the mystical atmosphere of the town. Interesting places worthy of a visit for those who love to visit religious sites are the Church of La Merced, Temple of San Blas, and the grand Cathedral. For those who have the passion for the arts, The Museum of the Religious Art is admirable for its elaborated Moorish structural design. European and Indian influenced works of art are preserved in the museum. Bargain shopping for fleece jackets and sweaters are suggested in case you were not able to bring one because weather in Cuzco is quite chilly at times.

Lima, Peru

Being Peru’s capital, Lima exudes its own sophisticated cosmopolitan atmosphere but still preserves its authentic Indian culture. Tourists’ favorite destination in Lima, Peru is the more than 40 museums present in the city of Lima. Most museums keep up historical and religious relics and works of arts originating from the earliest Incan ethnicity.

Machu Picchu, UN Heritage Site, Peru

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a U.N. Heritage site and has always been Peru’s most celebrated tourist destination. This man-made city sits on the center of a tropical mountain forest enables to have a view over the Andes mountains and the Amazon basin. Visitors will be amazed with the temples and palaces reserved for the highest Incan royalty as they rove around this primeval sanctuary. The Temple of the Sun and The Temple of the Moon are two of the most popular temples in this famous tourist attraction in Peru. Including Machu Picchu in your itinerary planning is a must when you plan to visit Peru, however, be prepared for a long travel going to and around Machu Picchu.

Puerto Maldonado

This stunning national reserve park has three conservation areas: the Manu Biosphere Reserve, the Tambopata -Candamo Reserve, and the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park. Travelers go to Tambopata -Candamo Reserve to see endangered species that are preserved in the reserve park, whereas 450 varieties of bird species are housed in the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park.

Peru is a culture-rich country that you should never miss when planning to visit South America.

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