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The world’s second largest country – Canada is an incredible tourist destination, with plentiful of culture and scenery. Located on the Northern America, Canada has the Arctic Ocean on the north, the North Atlantic Ocean on the east, and the North Pacific Ocean on the west.

Each of Canada’s regions is diverse, and has its own uniqueness. For instance, Toronto – the country’s largest city – boasts of the tallest building in the world, CN Tower, from where one can enjoy superb vistas of the Lake Ontario. Equally worth mentioning is the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, with a host of ski resorts, prominent being Banff and Jasper. Likewise, the much celebrated Canadian city, Vancouver is popular for its Stanley Park, covering an area of 1,000 acres, apart from a host of other attractions. Another prominent Canadian city is Banff, much famed for its Banff National Park, which in turn is declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Also, fascinating are attractions of Canadian cities such as Quebec – an eclectic blend of new and old world heritage; Nova Scotia – popular for its Bird Island; and Montreal – a thriving cosmopolitan destination famed for its French culture.

Vancouver, Canada

Discover the natural wonders of the country by taking tour to some of the nation’s picturesque forests, scintillating waterfalls, and world-famous national parks. Canada occupies one tenth of the world’s forest. From Boreal forest in North Canada to the Great Lakes Forests in Central Canada, these forests are really astounding. Most popular among the Canadian waterfalls is undoubtedly the Niagara Waterfalls, noted for its splendid beauty and majestic rumbles. Panther, Takakkaw, Kakabeka, Tyrrell, Partridge, Twin Falls, Kazan, and Marengo, are the other well-liked waterfalls in the country. When comes to national park, Canada contains a superb network of parks, of which significant ones are Cape Breton Highlands that is home to Cabot Trail; Elk Island – an oasis for endangered species; Fundy National Park, with the highest tides in the world; Kootenay – a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and Dinosaur Provincial Park. Canada is also home to some of the finest lakes such as Great Bear Lake, Great Slave Lake, and the Lake Athabasca. Another popular attraction is the Royal Botanical Gardens which is popular among tourists, both national and international.

Apart from these, Canada has a great number of museum and art galleries, each with rare collection of art items. Also, of interest are the festivals as well as the events of the country including Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Celtic Colors International Festivals, and Celebration of Light whose centerpiece is the fireworks competition. Above all, Canada renders fantastic options to enjoy a variety of fun activities such as golf, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, and skiing.

In a snap shot, Canada’s spectacular cities, wonderful spectrum of outdoor activities, fabulous festivities, and interesting man-made attractions, are all worth mentioning.

Further, Canada has more than 1,200 airports, 1, 00,000 km of highways, 45,000 km of railways, and 600 km of waterways, thereby making it easily accessible from any part of the world. Perhaps, for these reasons tourists flock to this magnificent destination year-round.

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