Beach Holidays in Aegean Islands

Greece is well known for its more than two thousand islands of which just hundred are inhabited and most of them are situated in the Aegean Sea, with the Aegean Islands being quite peculiar in them as even though most of these islands lay in close proximity to one another, their culture and history is still quite different from one another. No matter that their architecture as well as geophysical features is different, there is one thing all of the Aegean Islands have in common and that is the wonderful blue skies and the Aegean blue waters with plenty of Greek sun as well. You will find many chapels and scenic landscapes as you hop from one Aegean Island to the other and you can expect to find traditional style villages as well as exciting seaside along the way.

Aegean Islands

In the north of the Aegean Islands you can find the islands of Chios, Ikaria, Fournoi, Psara as well as a few more while in the Dodecanese there are islands known as Astypalea, Karpathos and more. Most of the Aegean Islands are under Greek control though some of them do fall under the control of Turkey and also the Italians.

If you visit the northeastern Aegean Islands you will certainly want to stop off at Chios that along with Lesvos and Chamos form the three major islands in this part of the Aegean Islands. Though Chios is not very well known to tourists, it is nevertheless very beautiful and this splendid wooded island has a culture rich in tradition as well as many sandy beaches, a conference center and also hiking trails that you can use to hike and even visit the unspoiled villages on the island. The weather is mild and this island is also one that has wonderful smells that will please your senses no end.

Another island that you should give your attention to is Lesvos that is very seductive and once you visit here you may forget about going to any other of the Aegean Islands. This is perhaps the most famous of these islands and is the home of the lady named Sappho who is a woman poet and this large and beautiful island is certainly a destination that will surely enchant you. The capital of the island is Mytilene and there is also a Genoese castle here named the Kastro of Mytilene that was built where an earlier Byzantine fortification once stood, and it is a major point of interest for visitors to Lesbos.

Further to the east among the Aegean Islands is another island called Ikaria that is a majestic island that is supposed to be the home of the mystical Ikaros and in this lovely island there is plenty of breathtaking scenic beauty, invigorating mountainous air as well as good hot springs that have great therapeutic value, and the unspoiled seas are only made better by the friendly peoples of this island.

You will be amazed that even in these modern times, the island of Ikarias has maintained its true identity and the ways of its people are unchanged and unspoiled by outside influences.

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