Cruising the Norwegian Fjords

It should not come as a big surprise that the most popular World Heritage site is the Norwegian Fjords. The reason most certainly is because each fjord has its own characteristics as well as attractions and you will find Geirangerfjord to have the tallest and also the most scenic waterfalls in the country. Also, the longest fjord in the world is in Norway and is called Sognefjord, where Naeroyfjord is an arm of this fjord and which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Norwegian Fjords, Norway

If you want to seriously explore the many fjords of Norway, you would do well to make a beginning from the Hanseatic city known as Bergen that also has the honor of being the European City of Culture in 2000 and there is also a lot of other attractions in this city besides the fjords such as the Wharf, the Fish Market and Mount Floien and the city is also the starting point for Norwegian Coastal Express.

This kingdom that lies on the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula is very long and has the countries of Sweden, Finland as well as Russia on its borders, and obviously is most famous for its fjords. The country also includes the islands of Svalbard and Jan Mayen that are part of its territories, and this country has the distinction of also having been voted the most peace loving country in the world.

A visit to this northern European country holds much promise besides its fjords and it also is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun due to the fact that some parts in the north of the country never see the sun go down at night. There, you may want to visit the town of Tromso because here the sun does not rise in the winter and does not set in midsummer.

The capital of the country is Oslo where you can ski at the famous ski jump in the city and take in some serious theater at the National Theater and the city is also the most populated of all cities and towns in Norway having one tenth of the total population living here. A main attraction is the Munch Museum as too are the National Gallery, Norwegian Museum of Applied Arts, and the Thor Heyerdahl Kon-Tiki Museum as also the Norwegian Folk Museum. And, a central feature of downtown Oslo is the Kongelige Slott or Royal Palace which is the home of the present Queen of Norway.

A trip to Skien may be worth your while especially if literature holds a special place in your heart because the famous playwright called Ibsen was born here. A visit to Stavanger will show you the largest collection of wooden buildings in Europe and the former capital of Norway Trondheim is also a major tourist attraction.

In Tromso you can sample beer at the world’s northernmost brewery, and to the southwest is Fjordland that is the most important tourist area in Norway where cruise ships take you down the coast of Norway starting from Stavanger all the way up to Haugesund. And you can head to the Hardangervidda Mountains for some excellent glacier walks as well.

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