Frankfurt – The Unforgettable City

As a tourist you would be awed by the beauty of this wonderful city. There are a myriad of things to see and experience in Frankfurt. You will find here entertainment, culture, festivals, beer and many other things that Germany is famous for. One thing that would definitely leave some impact on you is the excellent German jazz that you will find played at almost all the available taverns in the city.

Frankfurt Opera and Eurotower

Some of the must-see and must-experience sights in Frankfurt are briefed below:

1. Local Cuisine – if you are among the people who simply have to know about the local culture and cuisine, the Lorsbacher Tal is a good place to start your quest. This is an exceptional apple wine serving restaurant which offers you solid German ambiance and excellent local cuisine.

2. Jazz in Frankfurt – This is a small but delightful restaurant where along with the excellent meals served you would be regaled with some extraordinary music. This could be anything from a Flamenco dance to Jazz, to Blues, to Swing. The ambiance here is relaxed and food excellent.

3. A Rendezvous with Culture – Frankfurt hosts the house of the famous poet Goethe. The poet lived in this house until 1775. The house is now converted into a museum and National Monument open to visitors.

4. The Senckenberg Museum – you will find in this museum an extraordinary collection of more than 500 thousand exhibits on the development of earth and life on earth over the past million of years. This is simply fascinating to say the least.

5. Nature Lovers Behold – The Palmengarten or the Palm Garden should definitely be on your list of must-sees if you are a nature lover. This is a huge garden and park spread over 20 acres exhibiting some mind-boggling 300 varieties of orchids and over 1600 species of cactus.

6. The Zoo – Since we are speaking of nature lovers, can animal lovers be left far behind? Frankfurt has an excellent zoo which houses some 650 types of animals. There are about 6,000 animals accommodated in this zoo – and the arrangements are delightful. Keep a whole day in hand if you are planning to visit this zoo. There is plenty to see and enjoy here with the animals.

7. Night Sights – What is a visit to Frankfurt if you have not seen the Berger Strasse or the Berger Road. This road is famous for its night life, bars, round the clock cafes and restaurant. There is not one dull moment on this street and people who visit it once would love to return again and again.

The above is not an exclusive list, so feel free to explore the attractions of this wonderful city, called Frankfurt. This is a city that would remain with your forever.

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