Hawaii Islands Holiday Destinations

If you want to experience an out of the ordinary holiday destination and need an escapade or two that will electrify you, then think seriously about a vacation to the Hawaii Islands. The Hawaii Islands came into existence many thousands of years ago probably as a result of underwater volcanic eruptions. These islands got their sustenance from the oceanic waters and huge ecosystems were given birth. In fact, it is rumored that the Hawaii Islands are even older than America and the first to colonize these islands were Polynesian migrants that came from the Marquesas Islands.

It was only on 21st August 1959 that Hawaii actually became a part of the United States as its fiftieth state. With volcanic activity nearby, the Hawaii Islands are constantly intensifying though at present there are six islands that make up the Hawaii Islands that includes the Big Island or Hawaii Island, Maui Island or the Valley Isle, Lanai or Pineapple Island, Molokai or the Friendly Isle, Oahu or the Gathering Place and finally, Kauai or the Garden Isle.

Hawaii Islands

You will not be disappointed when you visit the Hawaii Islands as there is plenty for the nature lover as also for the beach bum. There is plenty of hiking, sightseeing as well as horse riding that you can enjoy in the evergreen forests at Hawaii. The beaches are almost inexhaustive as well as very exclusive providing opportunities for taking underwater tours, submarine drives as also scuba diving. There is the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai which is beauteous and a gift of nature. You will be inexorably drawn to the Molokai Island where there is plenty of fishing as well as underwater activities that are sure to entice you in their alluring net.

There is plenty for the golf aficionado as well, and you can play golf all year round, too. The wondrous Hawaii Islands have excellent golf courses such as the Mauna Kea Golf Course and the Challenge at Manele and more. With more than eighty golf courses on the islands you will not lack for opportunity to drive away from hole to hole in scenic locales. You will also not get enough of the museums, the fast paced nightlife as well as the many peerless cultural events that include the likes of Hula dances, Hawaiian chants and more.

And to make your vacation even more exhilarating is the wonderful weather of the Hawaii Islands that is not only stable all year through, but temperatures are ideal for relaxing and sunbathing. However, you may find hurricanes striking the islands during the months of June through November that will have you awestruck as giant waves lash the shores of all of the six islands of Hawaii. Accommodation should be reserved well in advance as the place is flooded with tourists.

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