Mauritius Vacations

The very thought of visiting Mauritius would surely bring you to picture yourself lolling on the lovely beaches that are reputed to be among the most beautiful on the planet. This is a common and correct perception of Mauritian beaches, though there are also other activities of interest such as trekking and also sampling water sports that are quite popular on this lovely island. Relaxation is something that you will get plenty of and you won’t find a better place for it except on the island of Mauritius.

A visit to this tropical island will have you lulled into a sense of timelessness where all you will wish for and get would be pleasure, opportunity to indulge yourself no end as well as plenty of easy comfort. You will also find opportunity to do some gentle exploration and let your idle curiosity find expression in the soft joys of life that are found aplenty here in Mauritius. You also get sophistication mixed with a dreamy lifestyle and the wonderful white beaches, coral reefs and the pristine blue waters beneath equally blue skies isn’t something to easily pass up.


This island is just like an emerald green paradise with turquoise waters from the Indian Ocean completing a fantasy filled picture. Mauritius lies about a thousand miles off the coast of Africa and is a volcanic island that has scenery that captivates all and the peoples comprise a pot-pourri of Indian, Chinese, Creole as well as French influences. The capital of this lovely island is Port Louis that has not given up on its original charm and it also has an abundance of interesting landmarks plus a thriving and busy marketplace that has everything on offer from famous spices, leather products as well as souvenirs.

The capital also has a modern side to it, which you will find at the exclusive as well as modern Caudan waterfront where there are many cosmopolitan shops as well as restaurants, cinema complex as well as casinos. You will also naturally gravitate to the north coast of the island where you can enjoy the best weather all year round at the delightful as well as exotic seaside resort town called Grand Baie. Also, of much interest to tourists is the botanical Pamplemousses Gardens that has the best giant water lilies, very old trees as well as shrubs and many gigantic tortoises.

Being an island that attracts so many tourists, it is not surprising that the quality as well as standards of accommodation, hotel service, and sightseeing is of the very highest class. Also, the transportation and attractions are very good value and shopping will provide you with an opportunity to buy products of exceptional standards. The people of this amazing island are justifiably proud of their country and they are prosperous and enjoy a decent standard of living and there is also employment available for almost all of its population, which means that there is also very little crime here.

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