Las Vegas – The Gambler’s Paradise

Las Vegas is the largest city (by population) in the State of Nevada. This is one of the most wanted tourist destinations in the world especially for gambling and entertainment. Las Vegas is the largest city founded in the 20th Century (founded in 1905).  Also known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas is the gambling center of USA.

The glamour of the city, the 365x24x7 availability of alcoholic beverages and the specialization of gambling and adult entertainment earned this city another name that it is wearing well, the Sin City.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Thrill of Las Vegas

Everything that you see and experience in Las Vegas is thrilling. Wherever you look you can see glamour, luxury and pure entertainment. This city is built for entertainment and it is the only city in the world which was built with these two purposes in mind – tourist attraction and entertainment of tourists.

The Las Vegas strip or the Las Vegas Boulevard which is mostly outside the Las Vegas city limits is replete with exceptional sights such as unusual sculptural structures, such as the Treasure Island Pirate battle, the volcano explosion, the Mirage among others. Wherever you go you will find an entertainment extravaganza. The greatest thing you will observe in Las Vegas is that it is unique in all the entertainment it offers.  There is no imitation here, no equals – each hotel, each inch in Las Vegas is unique.

Outside the gambling, luxurious decadence of the hotels lies another world of entertainment – take a short trip to the Shark Reek and Dolphin Habitat at Mandalay Bay.  You need to make it a point to see the exceptional Star Trek presentation of the Las Vegas Hilton. For children, you have the GameWorks where the kids can play at a wide variety of arcade games.

Nature lovers can enjoy the Red Canyon Rock which is just outside the city and if you are culture and tradition freak, you should visit the Hoover Dam and the Mormon Fort which would live a lasting impression.

Las Vegas is great in day time – but its forte lies in entertainment at night. This Sin City specializes in providing with any and all the entertainment you would ever need. If you can think about it – you will find it in Las Vegas – from all types of gambling games to dancing showgirls, to complete family entertainment.

The attraction is Las Vegas is more in the fact that it makes the tourist feel like he or she is in a magical land where everything is meant for their comfort, luxury and pleasure. It is a heady experience – one that you would never forget.

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