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Los Angeles

Monday, November 5th, 2007

About Los Angeles

Considered as the largest city in the states of California, Los Angeles’ had attained its global status of fame and feature. Being one of the World’s centers of technology, performing arts, trade, and home to numerous interesting and amusing places, many tourists from neighboring states and all over the world flock in Los Angeles for business and pleasure.

University of California, Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles: Where to go

Los Angeles: Amusements and Theme Parks

One of the top entries in a Los Angeles itinerary is visiting almost all the amusement parks in the area. The great amusement and theme parks in the locality are the following:

Disneyland is always on the top list of amusement parks. Considered as “The Happiest Place on Earth,” Disneyland is located in Anaheim. The numerous attractions in the theme park provide visitors sufficient choices of things to do while in LA.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a theme park located in Valencia featuring more than 100 rides and variety of other attractions. This is a Warner Brothers theme park highlighting Warner Bros cartoon characters.

Knott’s Berry Farm, which is located in Buena Park displays the Old West atmosphere including live performances, amusing rides and of course, shopping choices.

Los Angeles: Beaches

For visitors who prefer to spend their time doing beach activities, Lots of beaches are present within and near Los Angeles. Travelers who want to escape the tourist crowds in the city center frequently visit the beaches on the north and south of Los Angeles. There are also beach matches for those who prefer to stay in livelier beach surroundings like the famous Venice Beach where you can enjoy watching street performers and be mesmerized by the sight of hard muscles and captivating personalities roving within the locale.

Griffith Park

Situated on the Hollywood border, the Griffith Park offers recreational conveniences, natural sceneries, and lots of remarkable attractions. From here, visitors can have a substantial view of the Hollywood sign.


Famous handprints and shoe prints of Hollywood legendary celebrities in the courtyard of the Chinese Theater are the most prominent attraction in Hollywood. Other major attraction that remains constantly appealing to sightseers is the world renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you just walk around each area of Hollywood, you will have better chances of not missing any significant trademark of the area.

Getty Museum

Art lovers will surely not miss visiting the Getty Museum famous for the exquisite art collections showcased in this modern hilltop castle. Visiting this museum is free of charge, however parking fee of $7 is charged for cars.

If this is your first visit to Los Angeles you will be thrilled and delighted with the huge number of places to see and things to do in the area. The places featured in this article are only just a few of the best places to visit in Los Angeles. This extensive metropolis is indeed the perfect place where you can truly feel the essence of The American Dream.


Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Chicago, the largest city in the state of Illinois, is a major convention destination and one of the most visited places in the United States. There are countless of places to visit in Chicago. The list is unending that it is very hard to decide on what particular place to start when exploring the city. Today, Chicago is one of the most important and most celebrated tourist attractions in the world. The city is an illustration of natural and decent amusement and satisfaction merging together modern amenities and past historical memoirs. There are a lot of things to do when visiting Chicago. You will be delighted to know that there are numerous of things to do that are absolutely free of charge.

First to consider is to visit the Lincoln Park, which is home to high maintenance animals like tigers, lions, bears, and other wild crowds are located. Admission is also free of charge with the neighboring Farm-in-the-Zoo, which holds quarter to domesticated animals, John Deere tractors, and a standard classic red-and-white barn.

Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois

Worth of your second stop is the Navy Pier, Chicago’s leading tourist attraction. Be one of the 8 million sightseers visiting the place yearly. Entry to the Navy Pier is free, though some separate attractions charges a certain fee like the Imax Theater and Children’s Museum, however areas within the site including the Beer Garden and The Smith Museum of Stained Glass are some of the free places to visit within the area.

For those who love to shop or just look around visit the Maxwell Street Market. You will never be charged for entering the street market but of course, you have to pay at a relatively lower price for the things that you intend to buy. If you love eating Mexican foods, the place offers a broad selection of Mexican stalls presenting authentic Mexican dishes.

Nature lovers will surely enjoy going around and observing the Garfield Park Conservatory on the near west side of Chicago. A wide range of greenhouses is present in this Jens Jensen conservatory creation that is considered as one of the largest in the country.

Public art exhibited at Chicago’s Loop district downtown is a must see scenario for art buffs. This exhibit showcases works of named artists including Pablo Picasso, Jean Miro, Marc Chagall. However, each artist’s works are featured in separate streets within Chicago’s Loop downtown district. Besides public art, artworks featured in Chicago’s top art museums are also available for free viewing throughout admission-free hours.

Indeed, there are a lot of things to do at the same time enjoy in Chicago, if you want to save money. You can still ENJOY Chicago without overspending. Now, who says traveling is just for the wealthy?

Las Vegas – The Gambler’s Paradise

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Las Vegas is the largest city (by population) in the State of Nevada. This is one of the most wanted tourist destinations in the world especially for gambling and entertainment. Las Vegas is the largest city founded in the 20th Century (founded in 1905).  Also known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas is the gambling center of USA.

The glamour of the city, the 365x24x7 availability of alcoholic beverages and the specialization of gambling and adult entertainment earned this city another name that it is wearing well, the Sin City.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Thrill of Las Vegas

Everything that you see and experience in Las Vegas is thrilling. Wherever you look you can see glamour, luxury and pure entertainment. This city is built for entertainment and it is the only city in the world which was built with these two purposes in mind – tourist attraction and entertainment of tourists.

The Las Vegas strip or the Las Vegas Boulevard which is mostly outside the Las Vegas city limits is replete with exceptional sights such as unusual sculptural structures, such as the Treasure Island Pirate battle, the volcano explosion, the Mirage among others. Wherever you go you will find an entertainment extravaganza. The greatest thing you will observe in Las Vegas is that it is unique in all the entertainment it offers.  There is no imitation here, no equals – each hotel, each inch in Las Vegas is unique.

Outside the gambling, luxurious decadence of the hotels lies another world of entertainment – take a short trip to the Shark Reek and Dolphin Habitat at Mandalay Bay.  You need to make it a point to see the exceptional Star Trek presentation of the Las Vegas Hilton. For children, you have the GameWorks where the kids can play at a wide variety of arcade games.

Nature lovers can enjoy the Red Canyon Rock which is just outside the city and if you are culture and tradition freak, you should visit the Hoover Dam and the Mormon Fort which would live a lasting impression.

Las Vegas is great in day time – but its forte lies in entertainment at night. This Sin City specializes in providing with any and all the entertainment you would ever need. If you can think about it – you will find it in Las Vegas – from all types of gambling games to dancing showgirls, to complete family entertainment.

The attraction is Las Vegas is more in the fact that it makes the tourist feel like he or she is in a magical land where everything is meant for their comfort, luxury and pleasure. It is a heady experience – one that you would never forget.

United States

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

United States, or the United States of America, is one of the world’s wonderful tourist destinations, located in Northern America. Bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean, United States consists of 50 states and a Federal State, each of them with its own government and laws and rules.

United States boasts of such a great number of attractions that it takes years to explore all of them. Few to mention are the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco – the largest bridge in the world; the Grand Canyon – an amazing gorge located in the heart of the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona; the Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, where you can find an impressive monumental structure sculpted in granite, and containing the heads of former US presidents like George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln; the Huntington Botanical Gardens – which comprises fourteen botanical gardens; and Ground Zero – the former spot of the World Trade Center in New York.

New York City Hall Park Fountain, New York

The north eastern part of the nation is home to some of the best waterfalls in the world, such as the highest waterfalls in the world – Niagara, which is on the Niagara River between the borders of New York and Canada. Niagara is not only a popular tourist destination but also a major source of hydroelectric power for New York and Ontario. Waterfalls including Arethusa, Moss Glen, Bash Bish, Moxie, Bingham, and Ripley, are also much famed among the tourists.

Forests in United States are simply amazing, and many of them are noted for its scenic beauty and towering trees, ranging from chestnut and oaks to spruce and pine trees. A visit to such rich as well as sheltered forests as Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont, White Mountains of New Hampshire, and Alleghany National Forest in Pennsylvania, is really a great experience.

The nation also has to its credit a continuum of world-class national parks, of which perhaps the most fascinating is Yellowstone National Park, which is the first in the world. Spread over three states: Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, this expansive national park covers an area of about 3,472 square miles. Also, fabulous is Red Wood National Park in California, which is home to some of the rare evergreen trees on the earth.

Places of interest also cover a chain of museums and historic monuments. For instance, Anniston Museum of Natural History in Alabama, Aspen Art Museum in Colorado, Evansville Museum of Arts and Science in Indiana, and White Pine Museum in Nevada, are all a treasure trove of rare art and artifacts.

No visit to United States is complete without an excursion to attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, which stands on the Liberty Island in the Hudson River in New York and the White House – the official residence of the US president in Washington, DC. Likewise, also, take a tour to the fantastic beaches of the nation, which among many others, are Red Rock Beach, New London Beach, and Amelia Beach.

The nation is easily accessibly via almost all modes of transportation including air, road, rail, and water, with more than 14,000 airports, 6, 00,000 km of highways, 2, 00,000 km of railways, and 40,000 km of waterways.