Shimla – The Queen of the Hill Stations

Shimla is situated in North India and is a very well renowned and sought after hill station both by Indians and foreign tourists. This city owes its name to Goddess Shyamala, which is another form of the powerful Goddess Kali. A temple for this Goddess was consecrated here, in the middle of the Jakhu Hill forest in the 19th century. The city was named Shimla by the English during their occupation of the Indian territory.

Shimla, India

What You Should See In Shimla?

As a great tourist attraction Shimla has a lot to offer in terms f natural beauty and historic monuments. Some of the must-see in Shimla are briefly described below:

1. The Jaku Hill – this is situated just two kilometers outside Shimla. This is the highest peak in Shimla at 8000 feet. On the top you will find a beautiful Hanuman temple which hosts a great number of monkeys who are perpetually waiting to be fed.

2. The Annadale – this is one of the most favorite picnic spots in Shimla. Situated at an enviable height of 6117 feet above sea level, it offers a breathtaking panorama for those who dare to reach at the top.

3. Kufri – Just 16 kilometers from Shimla this is the best spot to learn skiing in winter (January and February). High above the sea leave at 8.600 km height, this place is an ideal picnic spot as well as sports hub.

4. The Mall – this is a must-stop for all those who want to take home some souvenirs for their friends and family at home. You will find here a kaleidoscope of shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. There are two exclusive points for meetings – i.e. where youngsters just hang out – these two places are, The Ridge and The Scandal points.

5. The Christ Church – this is renowned as he second oldest Church in North India. The Church has stood stoically against the ravages of time and nature and still stands in it full majesty promoting the story of Christ and His eternal love through the exquisite glass paintings. This is definitely a must-see when in Shimla.

6. Museums – there is a distinguished museum – the Shimla State Museum – which have managed to show case the best possible face of this wonderful town. You will find a surprising number of miniature Pahari paintings, jewelry, bronze or wood carvings seem to come alive in this museum.

7. The Summer Hill – you will find this Summer Hill at a distance of about 5 km from the Ridge, at a height of 6,500 ft above the sea level, right on the Shimla-Kalka railway line. This is the place where Mahatma Gandhi took rest whenever he was this side. He always advised, ‘eat for yourself, and dress for others’.

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