Take a Vacation to Yucatan, Mexico

For those that want to enjoy summertime, there would hardly be a better place to visit than the Yucatan peninsula where you can enjoy a glorious time whenever you visit here during certain summer months. If you come here during the months July and August you will encounter many bustling crowds and during the months between September and June, you will find the place pretty much deserted and very low key.

Be sure to come in July and August and sample the excellent Yucatan cuisine and for more fun and frolic head out over the weekends to Progresso where you can see bands playing music on the beaches and there is also many a crowd there as well. There is also the Hobie Cat regatta that is big draw in the summers and one of the biggest of these regattas is the Cummins Cup that will take place just off from the Marina Silcer in Chicxulub on the weekends. Such events prove that the Yucatan is more than pyramids and also colonial cities and with wonderful beaches there are also these special events as well to make life more enjoyable. So, don’t hesitate and head down to Marina Silcer and hit the beach running where the crowds are huge and the fun is aplenty.

Chichen Itza in Yucatan, Mexico

There is also free Saturday night Fiesta Mexicana and the fun spills over to Sundays as well with the free Merida en Domingo in the streets of Merida. When these events are taking place, the streets are out of bounds for traffic and the many bands, vendor artists as well as cafes will enliven the atmosphere greatly.

Be prepared for the high temperatures that can reach the mid to high nineties and when taking any daytime activities, you must remember to stay well hydrated. It pays to wear cool clothing and a hat and also pace your activities and try and do them in the mornings and then later on in the evenings. There is also plenty of rainy weather to contend with and don’t be surprised that it normally rains between three in the afternoon and five in the evenings. After the showers, you may want to take a stroll, try the free cultural activities and even perhaps check out the sorbets at Helados Colon on the Main Plaza. An evening would be made even more enjoyable by taking a horse and buggy ride that is known as “calesas”.

The state of Yucatan is situated on the Yucatan Peninsula and the Yucatan itself is made up of three states on the peninsula that include Yucatan, Campeche as well as Quintana Roo, all of which are modern states and the state capital of the Yucatan is known as Merida.

The state of Yucatan was once the home of the Mayan civilization till the Spanish arrived and there are still many archaeological remains that bear testimony to the ceremonial architecture that goes back some three thousand years. Even today, the Yucatan is a good example of a very unique culture that is different from the rest of Mexico and even the food is very different from normal Mexican fare.

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