Sun and Fun in the Beaches of Grand Cayman

The island of Grand Cayman is situated on top of a mountain of corals and is a place well worth visiting especially if you want to experience the thrills of scuba diving. The Caribbean waters are also famous for their corals that descend steeply into the waters and which will provide you with some splendid as well as unique dives down into the waters that are a challenge for every diver. In addition, the Grand Cayman Island also provides many places ideally suited for diving and with unquestionably fantastic underwater delights you will be hard pressed to find a better location for scuba diving adventures.

Grand Cayman Beach

There are plenty of well known dive sites on the Grand Cayman which you will find are situated on the west of the island and this area goes by the name of West Wall and it is very easy to reach here as all that it takes for you is to hop on a boat and soon you will find that you are on the beach that is not far from resorts. Among the famous dive sites you can check out Armchair Reef as well as Aquarium Reef that are certain to offer a wide assortment of underwater species and novice divers as also snorkelers won’t be able to get enough of this experience. Another dive site worth a visit is Wildlife Reef.

To the windward side of the island you can also find amazingly sharp coral walls and it is here that there are some of Island’s better known and reputable dive sites in the world in close proximity to the sandy beaches. Be sure to check out Stingray City that is ideally suited for all manner of divers as well as snorkelers irrespective of their ages and levels of skill. You can easily dive down beneath the surface of the water and swim along with groups of Southern Stingrays that even have wingspans of as much as four feet and the thrill of snapping pictures and giving food to these stingrays in Stingray City is indeed very special.

You may also want to check out the Grand Cayman Islands’ east side where in spite of the relatively scanty number of diving operators in action, you will be hard pressed to locate better as well as untouched coral reefs than these, and with tunnels within easy reach of the reefs along with many caves that lie beneath the water’s surface and also arches you will have a pretty exciting time diving in these parts of the island. You should try out the areas that have special attraction which is best seen in Babylon that has abundant fish, sponges as well as sea turtles.

There is also plenty more in store for you in Grand Cayman and your visit here would be rather incomplete without at least diving down to view the wrecks. You could look for The Balboa that sank in 1932 when a storm was blowing and which is a three hundred seventy five feet cargo ship that is nestling at the bottom at depths of only thirty feet. The place where you will find this wreckage is known as Georgetown Harbor. However, pride of place as far as wreck dives is concerned goes to Oro Verde that is a freighter covered with corals and which is resting at just sixty feet depth just off the beach’s shore.

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