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Canberra – The Stunning Capital City

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Australia’s capital city, Canberra is a phenomenal city to visit. No wonder it is voted as one of the hottest tourist destinations throughout the world.

There are one hundred forty wineries in Canberra – so you need to go around and see some of the famous vineries which would be extremely impressive and educative – not to mention fun. All the 140 wineries are within about half an hour from the city. The wine from Canberra is of high quality and is exported world wide. Surprisingly most of the wine labels come quite affordable – which is another reason why Australian wines are so well accepted and famous across the world. They have the best two ingredients – quality and value for money.

For a stunning view of the capital city of Australia go up the ex-Telstra Tower which is today known as the Black Mountain Tower. This monument standing 200 meters tall offers an astounding view of the city. You can dine at the Alto restaurant up there while learning about the telecommunication history of Australia through the gallery which is set up there on the topic.

Canberra Parliament House

This city has everything you would ever want from exceptional shopping centers to the most stunning natural pockets where you could enjoy any type of nature-lover sports. Check out the Australian National Botanical Gardens which consists of more than 6500 species of trees and plants over a vast expanse of 40 acres of land. The Garden has been organized into climatic regions and each part is simulated in such a manner that it allows the growth of that type region flora. A must see for anyone who is interested to experience and see first hand the different types of plants growing in desserts, mountains, rainforest and so on.

Since we are on the topic of gardens, there is another exceptional garden in Canberra, i.e. the Cockington Green Garden. There is a stunning display of 19 countries here meticulously build to scale (miniaturized) which will amaze any visitor. An old fashioned steam train would take around the best exhibits, in case you prefer not to walk. There are impeccable lawns and flower gardens in between the exhibits and this space can be used for picnics if you would so prefer.

Children should definitely see the National Scinece and Technology Center and the National Gallery which are made especially to capture and provoke the curiosity of the young visitors. You could also check out the National Zoo and the gigantic shark tank at the Aquarium. The National Museum allows children to touch exhibits and many are interactive designed to leave a lasting impression on the minds of children.

For some awesome shopping experience check out the Canberra Center where you would find everything that defines fashion and beauty. Besides, you would also enjoy shopping-until-you drop in the 200 plus shops that make the supermarket here.

This is one city which can give you the most modern experience side by side with amazing natural beauty.

Queensland Holidays

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Situated in the north east corner of the Australian continent is the state of Queensland that is neighbored by the Northern Territories, South Australia as well as New South Wales and there is also the Coral Sea as well as the Pacific Ocean bordering this state, which is the second largest in terms of area, after Western Australia. Queensland is famous for its Gold Coast that is also known as “Australia’s Theme Park Capital” having a number of important amusement parks including Dreamworld, Movie World, Sea World, Wet n’ Wild as well as WhiteWater World.

Queensland University

One of the most attractive aspects to Queensland is its weather, that is filled with sunshine and with the warm seas close at hand you will love the cool sea breeze and enjoy warm weather right through the year. This may be why the state is one of the most popular overnight holiday destinations in Australia, which sees a lot domestic tourism. You can reach Queensland by using the National Highways as also travel in South East Queensland where you can motor down the M1 motorway. Rail travel too is convenient.

Some of the popular tourist destinations in Queensland include Brisbane, Bundaberg, Fraser Coast, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Mackay, Western Downs as well as Outback. Brisbane, the modern as well as subtropical metropolis and the capital of Queensland offers much to the visitor where one is sure to find warmth, friendliness as well as relaxation. The Bundaberg, Coral Coast as well as country regions are to the north of Brisbane and are the first point of entry to the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

The Gold Coast is the home to surfers and there are wonderful beaches as well as resorts and of course, theme parks. This is perhaps the best known tourist destination in Australia and well worth a visit. If you want you can enjoy nature, try the pristine forests of the Sunshine Coast where you will see the most fabulous views as well as enjoy the enchanting villages that make this one of the most scenic of all Australian, and Queenslandic regions.

You will also enjoy the Western Downs, Outback Queensland where you will find historic towns, as well as great diversity in landscapes and there are also many national parks for the nature enthusiast. In a similar vein, Mackay has spectacular rainforests as well as national parks and with many secluded islands, and beaches as well as coral reefs, it is a scenic tourist destination where one can also enjoy country hospitality.

A visit to Queensland will give you an adrenalin pumping rush that will see you relaxing on the sun drenched beaches, trekking through rainforests as well as snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. All in all, you will experience an adventure that will remain in your memory for many years to come.