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Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Spain is a wonderful country that attracts many tourists thanks to its sunny climes and affordable holidays and there is also a lot to see and do in Granada including the Albaicin Quarter where there is the ArabWells, San Nicolas and San Salvador to visit. Besides, you can also visit the Alhambra Hills and view the interiors of the Alhambra Palace and more particularly the Baths, Court of Lions, and Court of Myrtles, Hall of Ambassadors, Arrayanes, Hall of Kings, Hall of the Two Sisters, Alhambra Palace – Mexuar, Patio de Lindaraia, Queen’s Dressing Room, and Sala de los Abencerrajes and also Sala de los Ajimeces.

Alhambra Hedges, Granada, Spain

There is also the Alhambra Palace Towers where you can view the Battlemented Tower, Other Towers, The Torre de las Infantes, Torre de las Damas, Torre del Aqua, Torre del Candil, and Tower of the Girl Captive. In addition, there is also the Alhambra Park that is worth visiting and there is also Architect’s Garden with a Park and also the Palacio del Generalife. Other places to see are the Puerta de la Justicia.

Other tourist attractions include the Square of the Cisterns and the Alcazaba as too the Torre de la Vela. In addition, there is also the Palacio de Carlos V and also the National Museum of Hispano-Muslim Art, Provincial Museum of Art. While in Granada it will also be worthwhile to visit the Cathedral and more particularly the Cathedral Capilla Mayor, Cathedral Capilla Real and Capilla Real Sacristy.

The Alhambra Palace is certainly a must see palace and the palace itself lies to the north of Charles V palace and it was once the residence of the Moor Kings of the Nasrid dynasty. The palace itself has surrounding walls and many towers and the Arabs called it the “Red City” because of the color of the stone used in the palace, and when you buy your ticket you get admission for half an hour though there is no restriction to the visiting times.

The Palacio del Generalife is another great tourist attraction and it lies to the east of the Alhambra palace and also on Cerro del Sol slopes and it was also where the Moorish royalty and the kings lived during summer times being completed in the year 1319 under the reign of Ismail I.

There is also the palace that was constructed for Charles V and which lies to the east of Plaza de los Aljibes and though the construction of this palace began in 1526 it was not completed. However, the Palacio de Carlos V is still a must see when in Granada and even though it never was completed, this palace is still a huge structure and is a shining example of the architecture of Spain and more particularly its High Renaissance architecture.


Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Estepona is a town situated in Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Spain. The town comprises essentially of a fishing and farming community and despite modernization it has retained its basic Spanish essence. Situated 25 kilometers from its glamorous neighbor Marbella, it’s a perfect spot for a nice holiday with your family. It can be reached in an hour from the Malaga international airport.

The Sierra Bermaja Mountain standing tall at 1449 meters forms a serene backdrop to this city which is fast on its way to becoming a favorite tourist spot among foreigners. Calle real and Calle Terraza house most of the modern shops in the centre of the town. If you have a special liking for small shops, then a stop at the street café in the plaza de las Flores (the square of the flowers) is recommended. In the olden part of the city, the streets are narrow and cobbled and you would prefer a horseback ride for a car through these streets.

Estepona, Costa del Sol, Spain

The indoor market opens in the mornings near the castle ruins where one can enjoy shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables and get a sneak peak into the life of a traditional Spanish housewife. The clean long stretches of sandy beaches are every tourist’s favorite haunt. The beaches are well maintained and well equipped to cater to the inflow of a fast rising number of tourists. There is also this sandy La Rada beach in central Estepona and the Playa el Cresto, a sheltered cove, on the western marina. For those who want to have a night out dancing in the discos along the quayside until the small hours of the night, Estepona marina which bustles with activity both during the day as well as on nights is the place for them. The marina is on the western seafront and is an ideal place for those who would just like to take a peaceful stroll or watch the crashing waves in the sea. It is divided into two halves, one consisting of the working fishing vessels and the other for pleasure water rides. There are some truly magnificent yachts and pleasure boats available for rides. For all the culinary enthusiasts, there are many bars and restaurants which serve tapas, local Spanish delights besides international cuisine and unavoidable pizzas and burgers.

There are many parks, gardens, monuments and museums as well that blends easily with all the glitz of modern tourism apartments, hotels, clubs and bars. For entertainment, those with a passion for water sports will truly enjoy this place to the maximum for it offers a host of water sports and games. Golfing is one of the most common hobbies of the residents and don’t get amused if one stumbles upon some excellent golf courses at the doorstep! A riding school is also active.

A visit to this beautiful city of Estepona is sure to rejuvenate your system and prove to be a great holiday which will always be cherished.

Costa Calida

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

A visit to Costa Calida may not be quite the same as visiting the better known Costa Brava, but it is still one of the better places to visit in Spain. So, if you do decide to visit Costa Calida makes sure to check out Aguilas F.C. Museum that is a must for every soccer enthusiast, and there is also an ethnic museum of miniatures known as Angel Reinon, while over in Lorca there is the Archaeological Museum where you can find displays of finds from prehistoric times.

Costa Calida

In Cartagena, there is the excellent Concepcion Castle that is located very aptly on what is known as Hill of La Concepcion which is but one of a total of five hills that provide protection to the town of Cartagena, and where there is an excellent tourist center as well.

Another top spot worth visiting in Lorca is the Guerra Theater which boasts of being the oldest theater anywhere in the Murcia region having opened up in the year 1861, while if you are in La Manga there is the La Manga Go-kart worth paying a visit to and which is the biggest Go Karting track in this part of the world and which is ideally suited for enjoying a day out.

Another place of interest when in Lorca is the Museum of the Paso Blanco and this building was once a church and which is now the museum of tapestry of the group known as White Pass that is given to participating in the parades when Easter time arrives is certainly a place worth visiting. There is also the Museum of Wine that you could visit at Bullas and this excellent museum that displays locally made wine from Bullas will provide you with valuable knowledge about how wine is made and you can also taste some of the excellent wines made here.

Madrid – A Capital City for Six Centuries

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

This is a famous world destination for its exceptional blend of resent and past and for the fact that it is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the whole world. The fame of Madrid was established way back in the 16th Century when King Philip II announced it as the capital. From then until today Madrid has remained the capital and one of the most important cities in Spain.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid has something excellent to offer and show for each and every person that visits – no one ever came to this wonderful city and left without a burning desire to come back and relive the experience again. 

1. Art lovers – there is a Golden Triangle created by three world famous art museums, i.e.the Prado Museum which houses some of the best and most sought after paintings of the Renaissance period, the Thyssen Museum which focuses on Western Art (mostly private collections) and the Sofia Museum which exhibits works of art by masters such as Dali, Picasso and Miro. This is a place that would enthrall even regular visitors; however, for art lovers this is hallowed ground.

2. Gourmet treats – food is something that you would enjoy in plenty in Madrid. People here give high priority to food and though sometimes you would not get exactly what you are looking for – you would still find the cuisine served delightfully different and exceptionally tasty. While you are in this great city, make it a point to drop by the Botin Restaurant which has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest restaurant in the whole world. History has it that Goya had eaten at this very restaurant before he became recognized as a painter; Hemmingway was another patron of this restaurant and had mentioned that this was one of his favorite hangouts. It is like being able to touch history.

3. Columbus celebrated – The travails of Columbus have been displayed with extreme accuracy and interesting facts about his travels in the middle of the Gardens of Discovery. This place has been dedicated to the famous explorer and by reading the detailed inscriptions you would be very likely to discover some great tidbits about history yourself.

4. Imposing Palace – visit the Royal Palace that has housed the Royalty ever since 1764 and the famous Cathedral of Almuenda where Prince Felipe’s marriage was solemnized.  Take a walk into the Sabatini Gardens and enjoy the beauty of the Royal Palace from a new angle.

If you want to enjoy this city and understand its nuances, make it a point to walk a lot. Walking around in Madrid would fill you with awe at every corner and will make your visit unforgettable.