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Island of Andros – Idyllic Beach Holiday Destination

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

The Island of Andros, also known as Andros Islands, is the largest and most fertile of the Greek Cyclades Islands. Located 30 kilometers southeast of the mainland port of Rafina in the Aegean Sea, Island of Andros is the much loved vacation spot for well-off Athenians. Most of the persons belonging to this rich class have built their own holiday homes to serve as their hideaway in this idyllic beach holiday destination.

Andros Island presents many ideal sights to see and places to visit. Travelers who love to visit museums and walk around remarkable spots has a lot to enjoy in the Island of Andros. For the exploring traveler, country roads and walkways leading through pine trees and mulberry woods are ideal options for those who love to explore and discover exquisite local villages built on the mountains and mountain springs.

Another distinctive feature of the Andros Island is the meandering dry stonewalls and very old dovecotes that are elaborately decorated influenced by Venetians during the 13th century.

Andros Island, Greece

Things to do in the Andros Island

With a 110 kilometers shoreline and the number of sandy beaches reaching to more than 300, the Island of Andros is a perfect place for a beach holiday seeking traveler. However, if you wish to stay away from overcrowded beaches, do not go to a beach in Batsi- the island’s tourist capital, instead consider going to the beaches located in the northeast corner of the island. However, there are also many popular and beautiful beaches in the north and south of Batsi. Water taxis are abundant in the area so travelers can go to and from the beaches easily. These water taxis continuously ran back and forth to connect the main beaches in the island and to help beach guests to reach even the hardest to reach beaches.

Hiking is another activity that travelers can do during their stay in the Island of Andros. This is a perfect place where they can go for a walk and wander without missing a reasonably priced Greek delight at a riverside taverna, taking note of the sounds coming from the nightingales in the area. Because of the presence of this well-maintained walker’s trail and amazing panoramic view that the island offers, the Island of Andros is also tagged as a “hiker’s paradise.”

Water sport activities are naturally possible in the Andros Island. All the structured beaches in the island offer all water sport facilities. Island of Andros is ideal for wind surfing, diving and boat trips.

The isolated bays of the island each offering their own share of lovely breathtaking backdrop is ideal for the traveler looking for a relaxing hideaway. Indeed Andros Island has a lot to offer among all kinds of travelers. If you are planning to explore the country of Greece, a stop at the Island of Andros will give you the chance to experience a very memorable Greek beach holiday.

Archaeological Holidays in Peloponnese, Greece

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

A visit to the large peninsula known as Peloponnese that lies in the south of Greece and forms a part of the southern area of the Gulf of Corinth is definitely worth considering the next time you wish to visit Greece. It as an area that covers approximately eight thousand plus square miles and has two land connections to Greece of which one is the Isthmus of Corinth and the other is the Rio-Antirio Bridge.

You will enjoy its many mountainous interiors as also the coast and the highest point on Peloponnese is known as Mount Taygetus. In addition, there are two island groups that lie off the coast of Peloponnese that are known as the Argo-Saronic Islands that lie to the east and the Ionian Islands that are on its western side. Peloponnese has known inhabitation since the prehistoric times and it owes its present name to Greek mythology and more especially to its hero named Pelops, who is believed to have conquered this entire part of Greece. So, Peloponnese literally means “Island of Pelops.”

Mycenae Leon Gate, Olympia, Peloponnese

A visit to Peloponnese would also mean visiting some its major cities that include Patras, Kalamata, Corinth, Tripoli, Argos, Pyrgos, Aigion as also Sparta and finally, Nafplio. In addition, there are many important archeological sites here in Peloponnese that date back to the Bronze Age. Whilst you are here, make sure that you check out Bassae, Corinth, Epidaurus, Messene, Mistra, Olympia as well as Pylos and Tegea to name but a few of the places of interest on Peloponnese.

Typical of these places of interest in Peloponnese is the ancient Olympia where you can find a grandiose temple foundations and many colonnades as well as altars that are among some of the interesting archaeological finds you will come to enjoy in this quiet, tranquil and luxuriant location.

You will find many mountainous terrains on Peloponnese that is also very rugged, though the climate makes up for it as it is typically Mediterranean by the coast, though within the interior, it is more continental. This is a mythical island where in every corner lurks some piece of Greek myth and you can revel in the scents from the sea, mountains, its grapes, olives as also citrus. Korinth is a commercial center as also a transport hub. You can also experience the magic of the Vouraikos gorge that is situated among grassy mountains and a railroad.

If you want to also visit the Ionian Islands and Italy, you would do well to go to Patras that is located on the west coast and is the window from Greece to these places. Another place worth visiting is Sparti that is the capital of Lakonia and near by to its west is the Byzantine castle-state known as Mystra where you will find some outstanding churches, monasteries and also palaces and mansions. These are but few of the amazing attractions you will get to enjoy when in Peloponnese.

Travel to Greece

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Greece is a wonderful country that has a very rich history of culture as well as values and is home to the earliest civilizations and it also is the birthplace of the Olympics. The art, philosophy, drama as well as science that emanates from Greece is without a doubt of the very highest quality and this is still to be found in modern day Greece, with old values and culture embodied in its traditions, which is something quite unique in the modern world of today.

Athens Greece

Greece is a popular tourist destination that sees more than fifteen million tourists visiting the country every year to discover Greece for themselves. Greece has much to offer to those seeking something that is rich in culture, as well as has other beautiful splendors of which Greece has much to offer. No visit to Greece would be complete without first visiting the Acropolis, which is not only the most famous but also symbolizes everything Greek. There is a sense of awe felt when one views the intricacy as well as majesty of the Parthenon and the nighttime provides tourists the opportunity to hear about Olympic legends through the medium of a light and sound presentation.

Another interesting place to visit while in Greece is the Ancient Agora, one of the plentiful Greek ruins that are located in a valley beneath the Acropolis. This is the place that about two thousand five hundred years ago hosted famous philosophers such as Plato and Socrates who taught as well as deliberated their philosophies to their attendant disciples. Close at hand is the Temple of Hephaestus that is another attraction worth viewing.

For more adventure, why not plan on a helicopter tour of Athens, the capital of Greece. It will afford you with a panoramic view that only takes about half an hour and you can enjoy the skyline of Athens in all its glory and also get a chance to see the many splendid landmarks as well. It would also make for some excellent photographic opportunities as well.

Besides the many other things to do in Greece, a visit to the National Archaeological Museum would also be worthwhile where you can view the Schliemann’s Agamemnon, which is part of the collection at this museum. In case you don’t know what this is, it is a sixteenth century historical artifact that was given the name because it was supposed to be a death mask of ancient kings.

Other interesting things to do on a Greek vacation include hiking to the Vindos Gorge, hitting the beaches of Crete and attending the Rockwave festival that is among the most popular festivals anywhere in the world. You can also learn the culinary arts in Greece which will teach you to prepare the fancy foods from this part of the world. Also, you will find Greece an excellent destination for your sailing needs.