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Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

Denmark is a tiny country that has some castles that can only best be described as being magical and this country of mermaids and Vikings as well as delightful pastries and lovely beaches can enchant any tourist, which is why people come here year after year in search of the many pleasures that this Scandinavian country has to offer. You will find something here that caters to every taste is it the Tivoli Gardens or the popular beaches that can be found in Legoland and no matter what your age is, there is plenty for you to enjoy in Denmark.

Kronborg Castle (Hamlet’s Castle), Denmark

This Kingdom is the tiniest of the five Nordic countries that include Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland as well as Finland not taking into account its offshore territories that include Greenland and the Faeroe Islands. It has regions such Jutland that is situated north of the German border and also its three islands named Zealand, Funen and Bornholm that are situated in the Baltic Sea.

Your first stop to this wonderful country would without a doubt is Copenhagen, its thriving and cosmopolitan capital that is situated in the island called Zealand. It is a city that boasts the wildest side of life and it is also a central part of many international traffic and businesses while also being home to approximately 1.7 million people of which almost a tenth are foreigners. You can enjoy many pleasures here in Copenhagen including swimming the clean waters of Copenhagen Harbor, and lazing on the beaches that are open to one and all, besides which you can go wind-surfing, kayaking and also enjoy grilling and bonfires.

The Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is a popular theme park and here you can take pleasure in the rides, and other activities including pop and rock concerts. Outside, the Danish country has very appealing rolling flatlands and there are also plenty of wondrous castles and forests that include the world famous castle known as Kronborg, better known as Hamlet’s Castle that is situated in Ellsinore and here you can see the Shakespearean play being enacted every summer.

There are also many peaceful and beautiful areas in South Zealand including Lolland, Falster and also Mon that is home to many splendid castles and manor houses and you will surely find the Alholm castle especially appealing that is situated in the island of Lolland and which serves as the largest car museum in Denmark. Another important attraction is the Knuthenborg that is the largest wildlife park in Europe and well worth a visit. These islands also have wondrous opportunities to enjoy the many beaches that dot all the islands and West Zealand in particular offers beautiful scenic wonders including fjords, harbors and also islets and beaches for bathing.

Also, another attraction that you should not pass up is the delicious and world famous Danish pastries that are a specialty of Denmark and includes open face sandwiches as well as Danish meat balls and much more.