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Perthshire Holiday Vacations

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Perthshire, sometimes acknowledged as the ‘Gateway to the Highlands,’ is a historic county located in central Scotland. With its stunning backdrop, enchanting rural beauty, rolling hills, gleaming lochs, sparkling rivers, and thriving towns, Perthshire is considered one of the best tourist destinations in the UK. Steeped in traditions, the county was once the economic as well as political base of the old Scots parliament. Further, Perthshire was a prominent battleground during the 18th century. This article further elucidates some of the significant towns and tourist attractions of the county.

Perthshire Scotland

Perth City is perhaps the most important town in the county. The city now stands at the place where once the Romans built a fort at meeting point of the Tay River and the Almond River. Perth City boasts of such attractions as Elcho Castle – built during the 16th century; Huntingtower, otherwise known as the House of Ruthven, which consists of two tower houses; and Scone Palace, displaying a superb collection of paintings, porcelain, and antique furniture. Places of tourist interest also include Branklyn Garden, one of the finest in the country; Caithness Glass Visitor Centre, which provides opportunities to enjoy glass making skills; Noah’s Ark – a play barn particularly designed for children below 12; and the Bell’s Cherrybank Centre, which boasts of the largest collection of heathers in Europe. In addition, the capital town is also home to a chain of shops, museums, and festival theater, apart from a leisure pool.

Another prominent town is Crieff, which was once a favorite holiday spot of Queen Victoria. Few among the attractions here are Macrosty Park, Lady Mary’s Walk, Artery Gallery, Auchinggarich Wildlife Centre, Drummond Castle Gardens, and Highland Heathers. Significant towns in Perthshire also include Dunning whose focal points are the 9 ft Dupplin Celtic Cross and an Iron Age Fort, which was a Roman camp during the 1st century AD and the tower of St Serf during the 12th century. Other worth mentioning areas in Perthshire are Pitlochry, wrapped by mountain scenery and home to attractions like Fish Ladder and Pitlochry Dam; Auchterarder, which boasts of the longest street in Scotland; Blackford, which is famed for its Highland games and springs; and Blairgowrie, on the shores of the River Ericht and which is highly regarded for its Glamis Castle and enchanting views of the Glenshee Mountains.

Apart from scenic and historic attractions, Perthshire is mecca to a host of recreational activities. No matter visitors want to enjoy white water rafting or kayaking, Perthshire offers endless opportunities for water sports. Likewise, for horse lovers, great options are available for horse riding and racing. In addition, with a plethora of world-class golf courses, Perthshire renders wonderful facilities for golf. Also, Perthshire hosts a range cultural event, such as Pitlochry Festival. Since a secluded destination tucked away among tall trees and excellent scenery, Perthshire provides excellent options for weddings and honeymoons.

Above all, Perthshire is within easy reach of almost all great tourist destinations. For instance, Perthshire is only an hour’s drive from such prominent places as Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Hawaii Islands Holiday Destinations

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

If you want to experience an out of the ordinary holiday destination and need an escapade or two that will electrify you, then think seriously about a vacation to the Hawaii Islands. The Hawaii Islands came into existence many thousands of years ago probably as a result of underwater volcanic eruptions. These islands got their sustenance from the oceanic waters and huge ecosystems were given birth. In fact, it is rumored that the Hawaii Islands are even older than America and the first to colonize these islands were Polynesian migrants that came from the Marquesas Islands.

It was only on 21st August 1959 that Hawaii actually became a part of the United States as its fiftieth state. With volcanic activity nearby, the Hawaii Islands are constantly intensifying though at present there are six islands that make up the Hawaii Islands that includes the Big Island or Hawaii Island, Maui Island or the Valley Isle, Lanai or Pineapple Island, Molokai or the Friendly Isle, Oahu or the Gathering Place and finally, Kauai or the Garden Isle.

Hawaii Islands

You will not be disappointed when you visit the Hawaii Islands as there is plenty for the nature lover as also for the beach bum. There is plenty of hiking, sightseeing as well as horse riding that you can enjoy in the evergreen forests at Hawaii. The beaches are almost inexhaustive as well as very exclusive providing opportunities for taking underwater tours, submarine drives as also scuba diving. There is the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai which is beauteous and a gift of nature. You will be inexorably drawn to the Molokai Island where there is plenty of fishing as well as underwater activities that are sure to entice you in their alluring net.

There is plenty for the golf aficionado as well, and you can play golf all year round, too. The wondrous Hawaii Islands have excellent golf courses such as the Mauna Kea Golf Course and the Challenge at Manele and more. With more than eighty golf courses on the islands you will not lack for opportunity to drive away from hole to hole in scenic locales. You will also not get enough of the museums, the fast paced nightlife as well as the many peerless cultural events that include the likes of Hula dances, Hawaiian chants and more.

And to make your vacation even more exhilarating is the wonderful weather of the Hawaii Islands that is not only stable all year through, but temperatures are ideal for relaxing and sunbathing. However, you may find hurricanes striking the islands during the months of June through November that will have you awestruck as giant waves lash the shores of all of the six islands of Hawaii. Accommodation should be reserved well in advance as the place is flooded with tourists.

Mauritius Vacations

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

The very thought of visiting Mauritius would surely bring you to picture yourself lolling on the lovely beaches that are reputed to be among the most beautiful on the planet. This is a common and correct perception of Mauritian beaches, though there are also other activities of interest such as trekking and also sampling water sports that are quite popular on this lovely island. Relaxation is something that you will get plenty of and you won’t find a better place for it except on the island of Mauritius.

A visit to this tropical island will have you lulled into a sense of timelessness where all you will wish for and get would be pleasure, opportunity to indulge yourself no end as well as plenty of easy comfort. You will also find opportunity to do some gentle exploration and let your idle curiosity find expression in the soft joys of life that are found aplenty here in Mauritius. You also get sophistication mixed with a dreamy lifestyle and the wonderful white beaches, coral reefs and the pristine blue waters beneath equally blue skies isn’t something to easily pass up.


This island is just like an emerald green paradise with turquoise waters from the Indian Ocean completing a fantasy filled picture. Mauritius lies about a thousand miles off the coast of Africa and is a volcanic island that has scenery that captivates all and the peoples comprise a pot-pourri of Indian, Chinese, Creole as well as French influences. The capital of this lovely island is Port Louis that has not given up on its original charm and it also has an abundance of interesting landmarks plus a thriving and busy marketplace that has everything on offer from famous spices, leather products as well as souvenirs.

The capital also has a modern side to it, which you will find at the exclusive as well as modern Caudan waterfront where there are many cosmopolitan shops as well as restaurants, cinema complex as well as casinos. You will also naturally gravitate to the north coast of the island where you can enjoy the best weather all year round at the delightful as well as exotic seaside resort town called Grand Baie. Also, of much interest to tourists is the botanical Pamplemousses Gardens that has the best giant water lilies, very old trees as well as shrubs and many gigantic tortoises.

Being an island that attracts so many tourists, it is not surprising that the quality as well as standards of accommodation, hotel service, and sightseeing is of the very highest class. Also, the transportation and attractions are very good value and shopping will provide you with an opportunity to buy products of exceptional standards. The people of this amazing island are justifiably proud of their country and they are prosperous and enjoy a decent standard of living and there is also employment available for almost all of its population, which means that there is also very little crime here.

Spain Tourism

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

One of the most famous and popular holiday destinations in Europe is without a doubt sure to be Spain that has wonderful climate, culture as well as beauty that attracts millions and millions of tourists each year. There is also much natural beauty as well as a decent standard of living that comes at affordable cost that makes this so attractive for tourism. To get the most out of your visit to Spain for a holiday it would be necessary to first learn about the geography as well as culture of Spain.

City Center Valencia Spain

Spain has a huge variety of landscapes as well as different peoples that makes it very appealing for a broad section of tourists. Learning more about Spain requires visiting as many cities as possible each of which has something of historical significance besides the vibrant night life as well as wonderful social happenings. The diversity of Spanish culture certainly helps attract many holiday makers that also love the climate and the relatively cheap costs.

There is a wonderful as well as rich culture and history associated with Spain where it is possible to experience the past by visiting the many historical monuments, attractions as well as museums and of course, the wonderful architecture, besides which there are also many entertaining festivities to enjoy. A visit to places such as Madrid, Barcelona as well as Seville will reveal the rich cultural history of Spain, while places such as Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca afford the visitor a wonderful chance to soak up the excitingly warm sunshine.

If culture as well as beauty is of interest to you, then you should head down and visit Murcia as well as Valencia. Whatever is the part of Spain that you visit, you will get a chance to experience the wonderful hospitality and be entertained by the many attractions the country has on offer. Visiting Costa Blanca you will find that just like millions of other tourists, the beaches and other attractions like the entertainment park called Terra Mitica at Benidorm is something that simply should not be missed.

Another very appealing aspect to taking a holiday in Spain would no doubt be its exotic food and drinks. You will find at every corner food being sold that will suit every different kind of taste buds, and the nightlife too is very intoxicating. The capital city Madrid is very vibrant and is located in the very heart of Spain with an old town area having great shopping as well as eating outlets. The museums too are famous and you will also find the Golden Triangle located in the center of Madrid hosting many famous museums, and there is also the very charming Royal Palace.

Bahamas Holidays

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

For those looking for a magnificent destination to relax and spend holidays, undoubtedly the best option would be Bahamas (the Commonwealth of the Bahamas) – an archipelago of more than 700 islands, stretching more than 100, 000 sq miles in the Atlantic Ocean, on the north west part of the West Indies. Bahamas also consists of a lot number of cays and hidden coves, apart from wonderful islands bestowed with unparalleled scenic beauty. With Nassau as its capital, Bahamas has Cuba in the south, Florida in the west, and the Turks and Caicos Islands in the east.


Of 700 islands in Bahamas, only 30 are inhabited. Few among the Bahamas Islands that are ideal for vacation are Abaco, Andros, Acklins, Berry Islands, Cat Island, Eleuthera, New Providence, Exuma, Ragged Island, Grand Bahama, Rum Cay, Crooked Island, Harbour Island, Inagua, Long Island, Mayaguana, and Spanish Wells. For travelers seeking luxury and comfort, a trip to resort islands such as Paradise Islands would be great. Likewise, a vacation to such remote islands as San Salvador would be an excellent option for travelers who want to be away from the hustles and bustles of modern life. In a snap shot, each of the islands in Bahamas has its own uniqueness and possesses world class attractions. In addition, majority of them render superb accommodation facilities, ranging from hotels and resorts to cottages and colonial mansions.

Places of interest, among many others, in Bahamas are Cloisters (Paradise Islands), boasting of a 14th century French monastery; Queen’s Staircase – the centerpiece of Nassau, consisting of a flight of 66 steps; Fort Charlotte – a military site in Nassau; and Crystal Cay – a zoo cum aquarium in New Providence Island. Further, Bahamas is home to some of the most awesome beaches in the Caribbean. Apart from these attractions, Bahamas offers excellent opportunity to enjoy a continuum of activities such as sightseeing, bicycling, recreational flying, shopping, parasailing, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, and eco-adventure. Besides, gambling is also much popular in Bahamas, especially in islands like Paradise Islands, which boasts of thousands of slot machines and such items as baccarat, roulette, blackjack, craps, stud poker, and tables.

Besides being a favorite holiday spot for kids and senior citizens, Bahamas is an excellent honeymoon destination. Honeymooners can enjoy a myriad of activities including moonlight walks, dining by candlelight, discos in top class bars, and dancing according to the beats of Calypso music. Many of the Bahamas’ islands offer discount as well as all inclusive packages, especially designed for honeymooners. New weds also take advantage of Bahamas cruise packages, which is inclusive of gourmet dining, Broadway style shows, casinos, and excellent services.

With its stunning natural beauty, tropical atmosphere, salubrious climate, teeming nightlife, and exciting dining and wining, Bahamas draws tourist from across the globe. Bahamas is easily accessible via plane and cruise. A plethora of scheduled as well as charter flights are available.

Mexico Vacations

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

Mexico, or the United Mexican States as it is officially known, is a wonderful country located to the south of Texas and is a part of North America that also has wonderful beaches where the waters of the Pacific Ocean touch it to its south as well as west, and the Caribbean Sea lies to its east, with Guatemala as well as Belize lying to its southeast. It is a constitutional republic and comprises thirty-one states that are bound into a federation with Mexico City being its capital that is one of the most populous cities on the face of the planet.


Mexico is also a fairly large country that is the fourteenth largest country in the world and has an estimated 109 million people living there which makes it the eleventh most heavily populated country in the world, most of whom speak Spanish. Mexico is divided by the Tropic of Cancer with one part of the country being tropical and the other temperate. In addition, many of the larger cities of Mexico lie in the Valley of Mexico or in other neighboring valleys that have elevations of two thousand meters which means that the climate here is generally temperate.

This country also is the seventeenth most mega-diverse country in the world having more than two thousand different species and it has ten to twelve percent of the biodiversity of the world. Mexico enjoys a free market economy being one of the higher middle income countries of the world and it is very prosperous as far as other Latin American countries is concerned ranking highest in this respect.

Mexico is also a wonderful tourist destination, which is its third largest industry and most of the tourists are attracted to the ancient Meso-American ruins, not to mention its wonderful beaches. With a coastal climate as well as a very unique culture that blends European with Meso-American cultures, Mexico is certainly a very attractive place to visit. Peak tourism occurs during December as also during July through August.

Without a doubt, Mexico can be considered as being paradise for every traveler that comes to this part of the world. It has deserts, snow-capped volcanoes, ancient ruins, industrialized cities, colonial towns in a time warp of their own, glitzy resorts, lonely beaches as well as some of the best flora and fauna that you can find anywhere on the planet. Some of the places to visit in Mexico include Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Cozumel as well as Mexico City.

Some of the larger cities in Mexico include Ecatepec, Guadalajara, Puebla as well as Monterrey. The religion is mainly Roman Catholic and the language mainly Spanish. It is also a wonderful place to take your kids for a vacation.

Costa Rica Vacations

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

The Republic of Costa Rica is a Central American country whose name literally translates into “Rich Coast” and it lies in the vicinity of Nicaragua to its north, Panama to the south as well as has the Pacific Ocean kissing its shores to its west and south, as also the Caribbean Sea to its east. One of the notable features of this wonderful holiday vacation destination is that it was the world’s first country to abolish its army through constitutional means.

The country’s economy depends to a large extent on electronic, pharmaceutical as well as financial outsourcing as well as software development and ecotourism. The people are highly educated, which makes Costa Rica a good country to invest money in. The country also has rich variations in plants as well as animals, and even in spite of its small size (0.1 percent of the world’s landmass) it does contain as much as five percent of the biodiversity of the world. More than a quarter of the country is made up of protected forests as well as reserves.

The Corcovado National Park is an internationally renowned national park that has big cats as well as tapirs, besides there is a great diversity in its wildlife for tourists to enjoy. The predominant religion is Christianity and the people of Costa Rica consider themselves as masculine (tico) or feminine (tica). The country also has a diverse history and is the meeting place for Mesoamerican as well as South American native cultures.

A visit to this wonderful country will provide enough enjoyable as well as pleasure filled experiences – what with the splendid tropical beaches and the bountiful splendor of nature combined with the exhilarating culture, all of which are ideal ingredients that make for a wonderful vacation. There are thousands that visit the Guayabo Archaeological Monument. There is plenty to do is it visiting the North, South, or Central Caribbean, or going to see the Northern Plains or Monteverde.

Costa Rica

Costa Rican beaches are really privileged spots that lie in the very center of Central America and you have these beaches that touch both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and it is possible to travel from coast to coast in a mere three hours by road or forty-five minutes by plane. For the avid surfer there are Esterillos, Jaco, Hermosa, as well as Boca Barranca to check out.

With such splendid biodiversity, Costa Rica provides many activities to enjoy including horseback riding, hiking as well as bird-watching. Tortuguero National Park is famed worldwide for its turtles that nest here every year, and with natural canals you can also enjoy viewing the protected species like the otters, crocodiles as well as manatees.

There is certainly a lot that recommends Costa Rica as a tourist destination, and properties here too make for an attractive investment opportunity.

Toronto Tourism

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

The largest city in Canada and the capital of Ontario – Toronto is one of the premier tourist destinations, attracting a dizzying number of visitors each year. Perhaps, Toronto is the eclectic as well as ethnic of all Canadian cities, consisting of more than 70 communities from Asia, Europe, and Africa. Ranked among the top ten tourist destinations in the world, Toronto boasts of historic landmarks, cultural attractions, amusements, and live entertainment, apart from world-class facilities. In addition, world famous attractions such as Niagara Waterfalls and Paramount Canada’s Wonderland are within easy reach of Toronto. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular Toronto’s tourist destinations and cultural events.

Toronto Canada

Situated on the shores of the Ontario Lake, Toronto consists of a superb network of theme parks, museums, art galleries, concert halls, stadiums, and casinos. Most popular among Toronto’s theme parks are Screemers Haunted House, Wild Water Kingdom, Canadian National Exhibition, and Metro Toronto Zoo. Bata Shoe Museum, Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma, and Art Gallery of Ontario, are just few among the many of Toronto’s museums and art galleries. Included in the popular concert halls are Molson Amphitheatre, Massey Hall, Air Canada Centre, and Woodbine Racetrack. Toronto’s much famed attractions also cover CN Tower – the tallest building in the world, and Toronto Islands, just a short ferry ride from the Yonge Street, with amusement park and beaches. In addition, Toronto is credited be the third largest theater center in the world, after New York and London. The city also hosts such great cultural celebrations as Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto Street Festival, and Caribana, which is the largest in North America.

Backed by excellent sports facilities such as the Hockey Hall of Fame, SkyDome Stadium and magnificent tennis courts, Toronto is a venue for a host of professional athletic events. The city also has excellent options for golf, with such exceptional choices as Glen Abbey Golf Course. Further, wonderful attractions like the Waterfront Trail enable you to enjoy a continuum of leisurely activities including cycling, walking, and rollerblading. With a myriad of lakes, streams, and rivers, Toronto occupies almost 15% of the world’s fresh water. Besides, all of them provide opportunities to enjoy a variety of water sport activities such as kayaking, rafting, and sailing. Also, worth mentioning is Toronto’s dining options. Since a diverse city, Toronto offers multicultural culinary delights, which are unique and at the same time sure to tantalize any taste bud. Above all, Toronto is a shoppers’ paradise, with markets such as Kensington Market, Queen Street West, and St Lawrence Market, all of which are a diverse mix of culture and dotted with traditional style houses, vibrant streets, and turquoise.

With its picturesque background, marvelous attractions, and excellent entertainment facilities, Toronto caters to all types of visitors ranging luxurious and budget conscious to modern and nature lovers. 

Queensland Holidays

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Situated in the north east corner of the Australian continent is the state of Queensland that is neighbored by the Northern Territories, South Australia as well as New South Wales and there is also the Coral Sea as well as the Pacific Ocean bordering this state, which is the second largest in terms of area, after Western Australia. Queensland is famous for its Gold Coast that is also known as “Australia’s Theme Park Capital” having a number of important amusement parks including Dreamworld, Movie World, Sea World, Wet n’ Wild as well as WhiteWater World.

Queensland University

One of the most attractive aspects to Queensland is its weather, that is filled with sunshine and with the warm seas close at hand you will love the cool sea breeze and enjoy warm weather right through the year. This may be why the state is one of the most popular overnight holiday destinations in Australia, which sees a lot domestic tourism. You can reach Queensland by using the National Highways as also travel in South East Queensland where you can motor down the M1 motorway. Rail travel too is convenient.

Some of the popular tourist destinations in Queensland include Brisbane, Bundaberg, Fraser Coast, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Mackay, Western Downs as well as Outback. Brisbane, the modern as well as subtropical metropolis and the capital of Queensland offers much to the visitor where one is sure to find warmth, friendliness as well as relaxation. The Bundaberg, Coral Coast as well as country regions are to the north of Brisbane and are the first point of entry to the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

The Gold Coast is the home to surfers and there are wonderful beaches as well as resorts and of course, theme parks. This is perhaps the best known tourist destination in Australia and well worth a visit. If you want you can enjoy nature, try the pristine forests of the Sunshine Coast where you will see the most fabulous views as well as enjoy the enchanting villages that make this one of the most scenic of all Australian, and Queenslandic regions.

You will also enjoy the Western Downs, Outback Queensland where you will find historic towns, as well as great diversity in landscapes and there are also many national parks for the nature enthusiast. In a similar vein, Mackay has spectacular rainforests as well as national parks and with many secluded islands, and beaches as well as coral reefs, it is a scenic tourist destination where one can also enjoy country hospitality.

A visit to Queensland will give you an adrenalin pumping rush that will see you relaxing on the sun drenched beaches, trekking through rainforests as well as snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. All in all, you will experience an adventure that will remain in your memory for many years to come.


Friday, May 25th, 2007

The capital of France, Paris or the City of Lights, is located by the River Seine and lies in the northern part of France and is a big city vibrant as well as attractive that is home to more than two million Parisians. The capital city of France lies at a crossroads that has both land as well as river trade routes along with much agriculture, which makes it the premier city of France that also has many royal palaces as well as other architectural marvels.

Paris is also a center for learning as well as the arts and it plays a major part in politics, fashion, business as well as arts and sciences and is an important transportation hub that connects the rest of Europe. Also, in Paris are found universities, opportunities for sporting events as well as many opera companies and of course, museums that are well known throughout the world that attracts more than thirty million tourists each year.

Paris is also the center of French economic activity and produces more than a quarter of the gross domestic product of the country. The climate is affected by the North Atlantic Drift which makes the oceanic climate temperate with little extremity of temperature. Modern Paris grew out of the mid nineteenth century urban remodeling and its major districts include the Champs Elysees, Avenue Montaigne, Place de la Concorde, Faubourg Saint-Honore, L’Opera and many more.

Eiffel Tower Paris

Paris has some famous landmarks including the twelfth century cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris and of course, the world famous nineteenth century Eiffel Tower. There is also the Napoleonic Arc de Triompe as well as the Invalides museum where Napoleon and many other French soldiers have been buried. And, on the darker side is the Conciergerie prison that was home to many notable ancient regime members that were put to death during the course of the French Revolution.

Paris is also well known for the entertainment that one can savor including operas, of which the largest opera houses are the Opera Garnier as well as the more modern Opera Bastille. There are also many discotheques including the Le Queen, L’Etoile, Le Cab and more. Guinguettes as well as the Bals-concerts formed the backbone of entertainment in Paris till the middle of the twentieth century. Paris is also a great place for movie goers and French cinema is almost as good as Hollywood.

Paris is also a destination which sees traders, students as well as religious pilgrims making a beeline here for it has something for everyone. Places such as the Louvre and the Notre Dame Cathedral as well as the Eiffel Tower are major attractions that sees millions of visitors come here year after year looking for more of these wonderful tourist attractions.