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Abacos Islands

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

The Abacos Islands that remained untouched till the eighteenth century now provides its tourists with breath taking views and spellbinding boating experiences. Are you the kind who finds immense pleasure in exploring the underwater mysteries? Then Abacos Islands is just where you should land for your leisure trip.

Situated just 180 miles south east of South Florida, Abacos Islands maintains excellent maritime connections with the surrounding main lands. This archipelago encourages various types of leisure activities like scuba diving, boating, shopping and sizzling night life.

All you need to do is get to know a little more about this marvelous piece of land and book your tickets. Your wonderful time in these islands would keep you going back to it.

Abacos Islands

Beauty of Hope Town

The most famous kerosene lit lighthouse of Bahamas is situated in this village. This 120 feet historical light house is most definitely worth visiting. If you just drive off the coast of Marsh Harbor this town could be spotted on Elbow Cay.

Admire the Artist’s Work

Abacos Islands has a lot of art galleries to kindle your artistic talents. In the midst of the beauty of these islands you also get to admire the hand made artistic pieces of these islands.

Ocean blue gallery of Main Street offers an exquisite collection of early Bahamian art. Be it sculptures or paintings depicting the life of Bahamian people, you can find everything in this gallery. The rates range from $10 to $10000. Whether you’re an artist or a tourist who is looking for a souvenir, you’ll find your piece here according to your budget.

Indulge in the Luxuries of the Paradise

Abacos Islands offer its tourists with a different kind of luxury that is perfectly blended with adventure. Imagine swimming with a dolphin by your side and admiring the resplendent corals just under your feet from your boat. The luxuries of these islands are sure to rejuvenate everyone’s body and spirit.

The walks on the unexplored beaches which stretch for miles and the taste and aroma of the traditional food would never leave your memory.

For island-hopping as well as fishing you could rent power boats.

Where to stay?

As for your stay in Abacos there are plenty of resorts and rental houses that would suit the specifications of people from all walks of life. You could wake up to view the sunrise just outside your window and the ocean view would always keep your mind tranquil.

A variety of lodging options are available for the tourists. You can choose from Standard single bedroom accommodations to houses with full fledged kitchens. Houses with garden view or marine view are provided according to your preferences.

Now what are you waiting for? Abacos Islands is all set to welcome and entertain you. Bon Voyage!!!


Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Barbados is an independent country situated east of Caribbean Sea. This beautiful island nation in western Atlantic Ocean has a total land area of about 430 square kilometer. Barbados is mostly a flat coral island having all sorts of flora and fauna, excellent white sand beaches and beautiful rolling hills. Barbados provides excellent opportunities for scuba diving and east cost of the island is excellent place for surfing.

Barbados is one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands and it provides all sorts of entertainment and sports activities in this part of the world. It is famous for the arts, music, nightlife, water sports, cricket and many more activities. There are a number of things you can do in Barbados and a few of them are summarized below.

1) To visit Earthwork pottery in St. Thomas is a unique experience and you will enjoy the magnificent work carried out by the workers. The production site is generally back of the store and you cannot only watch the workers but also can learn the trade. You can also give custom orders and you will be highly satisfied with the quality of the work. In addition to the earthwork, you can also visit the art gallery and can enjoy the ancient beautiful artwork.


2) Sailing along the coast of the sea is an excellent enjoyment for whole of your family. It will not only keep you busy for whole of the day but you will also be provided lunch, snakes and drinks on the board.

3) Barbados island adventurous tours might be another enjoyable day for you and your family here. You can choose an operator or can hire a safari or rent a car and go alone to explore this part of the world. If you have a plan for a whole day, it is better to take a local person along with you so that you are correctly guided for selecting the best routes for off-roading.

4) If you love the animals, you must visit Barbados Wild Reserve, as it will be an enjoying event for whole of your family. You can find here lots of animals including monkeys. The Barbados Wild Reserve is located at Farley Hill in St. Peter.

5) The next best tourist destination might be the Barbados Ocean Park Aquarium. There are 26 aquariums displayed in the park and all are located throughout the park. Actually it is a unique aquarium having beautiful garden and all are filled with lush green vegetation. You can see here some of the unique colorful fish and sea life found around Barbados.

6) Your tour of Barbados is incomplete if you have not seen some of the most beautiful beaches in Barbados. There are more than 10 most beautiful beaches in Barbados Islands. You can also enjoy surfing at Soup Bowl.


Friday, August 17th, 2007

Limassol is a city that is situated on the Akrotiri bay on the south coast of Cyprus and it lies to the southwest of another city called Nicosia and is major tourist destination. It began as a simple market town and progressed to become an important place for trading. The city is also famous for wine being a major Cypriot wine center as well.

Limassol is a wonderfully contemporary resort that is almost a Mecca for most tourists that need to get some active nightlife in, and who want nothing better than to visit many bars and nightclubs. You can be sure of boisterous atmosphere in this second largest resort in Cyprus.

Limassol, Cyprus

You will love Limassol for its hedonistic lifestyle because it’s not where you are going to get much peace. So, once you come here you can expect much to happen and there are also many attractions about including Kolossi Castle, Lambouri Winery, Kourion, Limassol Fort and the religious site St. Nicholas of the Cats.

The historic sites, besides Kolossi Castle and Kourion and Limassol Fort also include Limassol Castle. In fact, there are nine castles in all that are all worth a visit. Other things to see in Limassol include the many churches as well as mosques.

Indoor Market

The indoor market in Limassol is quite big and consists of a square building and you need to get in here before the siesta time if you want to get some serious shopping done. The main street for shopping needs is the Makarios Avenue where you will find a choice of items displayed in the many boutiques and showrooms that line this busy shopping street.

The seafront too is another excellent place for relaxing and you will certainly find some much needed relaxation here. A visit to “Ladies Mile” which is an excellent beach is well worth a visit and there is also a marina that has every facility that a yachtsman would want.

The Kolossi Castle is situated some fourteen kilometers west of the resort of Limassol and this medieval castle has a very stupendous tower that is well worth a visit. Another place worth visiting is Kourion where you can get to see archaeological wonders from an ancient city kingdom.

Also, check out the Museum of Olive Oil where visitors are able to become educated about how olive oil is produced and can also buy and even browse other products related to olive oil. Or, you can go and see Old Port Sea Sponges Exhibition Center where there are many sea sponges collected.

And, for viewing pottery items, you could visit Pilavakion Museum. There are also festivals held here including one in February just prior to Lent and one in September which is the Wine Festival that lasts a week.

Rhone Alpes

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Rhone Alpes

There is a lot of contrast that is very noticeable to anyone visiting Rhone Alpes. You will love the gorges that are found in Ardeche and you can’t help but are impressed by the outstanding French Alps as well. It is not for nothing that the French Alps is considered without peer in the whole of Europe and also in the rest of the world.

The highest peak is Mont Blanc and you can visit Chamonix and also Courcheval that are excellent ski stations. In fact, you will not be able to find better ski stations in the rest of the world. Be sure to visit here during the ski season that lasts till April and which begins towards the end of November.

Evian les Bains, Rhone Alpes

If you are not a skier it will not matter because you can try the other French delights. Be sure to visit Lyon that is the second city in France that has excellent architecture from the Renaissance times, and there are excellent museums as well. More than that, you can enjoy lovely spa towns that border on Lake Geneva and include Evian.

Day Out In Rhone Alpes

When in the Rhone Alpes you would do well to sample the excellent Beaujolais which is a red fruity wine and the excellent Beaujolais Nouveau that’s only released from its storage place deep in wine cellars on each Thursday in the third week of November is worth sampling.

For culture, you can spend time in Lyon where there is the outstanding Musee des Beaux arts and here you will find the most excellent works of art that is second only in terms of size to what you can view at the Louvre.

Or, stroll down the Evian-les-Bains which is situated by the shores of Lake Geneva and if that does not satisfy you, there is always the never to be forgotten spa treatments which are readily available here.

Another excellent place to visit is Temple d’Auguste et Livie which is very impressive to say the least, and along with the impressive Corinthian columns imposes it over the town that has existed from Roman times called Vienne.

There are many natural parks that total six in all, and the number of nature reserves is twenty-eight all of which makes the Rhone Alpes very attractive for nature lovers.

Check out Ain and Bourg en Bresse that is well known for chickens, and Dombes that has fantastic natural wonders. In addition, Ardeche has Vallon Pont d’Arc and many caves to discover paintings from prehistoric times.

Drome has Montelimar where nothing much has changed since the Medieval Age, or come to Valence which is a market town from where you can discover excellent vineyards in the vicinity of Die.

Chamoix is a place that attracts many crowds in all seasons and in fact there are only two other natural sites on the planet that are visited more often. Here, there is plenty for the skier, free-rider, snowboarder and also something for those who love to skate.