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Thursday, October 25th, 2007

There are a lot of remarkable places worth visiting when you are in Fiji. Be it sightseeing or other activities, there a variety of options for every traveler in Fiji.

Adventure Activities in Fiji

Travelers to Fiji can take pleasure in their choice of water sports activities like surfing, scuba diving, game fishing, snorkeling, and sailing.

Surfing in Fiji

Fiji is very well known in the surfing society because Fiji has a lot to offer for surfing enthusiasts. There are a number of surfing resorts in Fiji offering various services and surfing sites perfect for each surfing need. The most famous surf breaks in the international surfing community on the South Pacific is the Namotu Left. Fiji is recognized for the surf breaks that are not advisable for beginners, however there is also a place on the south coast of Viti Levu where beginners can safely try to surf in case they are not yet fully prepared to surf the over reefs surfing camps and resorts in Fiji. Travelers who want to surf in Fiji are advised to check first with their airline carrier for costs and baggage limitations.

Fiji Tourism

Game Fishing in Fiji

The deep strait around the abundant reefs in many parts of Fiji are the finest spots to catch Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna, and Spanish Mackerel. Some fishing resorts offer game fishing trips to its guests to exceptional fishing areas within the vicinity of Fiji that are excellent sites for fishing.

Scuba Diving in Fiji

Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities that tourists enjoy in Fiji. Excellent visibility and the existence of varieties of soft corals are among the features that enabled Fiji to acquire its popularity in this kind of water sport activity. Available resorts offer scuba diving opportunities, however guests are reminded to check credentials of the scuba diving operations within backpacker resorts before entrusting themselves.

Sailing in Fiji

The numerous islands that compose the Fiji Islands offer an exceptionally perfect place for sailing. The islands with isolated bays, traditional Fijian villages, and extensively inaccessible beaches are excellent features that make vacationers come back to Fiji and enjoy sailing. Racing boats and cruising yachts from around the globe often visit here because of the admirable sailing conditions and climate perfect for sailing especially during the months of April to December, which is considered the Fiji sailing season.

Snorkeling in Fiji

Snorkeling in the secluded lagoons around the Fiji Islands are some of the excellent activities that is offered to guests in many resorts in Fiji. Some of the best locations for snorkeling are found in the off Kadavu and Taveuni Islands, however some popular tourist attractions in Fiji are not perfect sites for snorkeling like the Coral Coast. Guests who want to enjoy snorkeling are taken by boat to offshore reefs in case they want to enjoy snorkeling.