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Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

About Cyprus

Cyprus is a magnificent island on the Mediterranean Sea that successfully combines glory of days past with modern culture from Europe. This exotic land is characterized by beautiful sun-kissed beaches, towering mountain peaks covered with lush forests, magnificent vineyards dotted with olive trees and historical ruins that bring back glimpses of the land’s glorious past. The charm of the land is further multiplied by the hospitality of its inhabitants.

Cyprus – A Paradise of Love!

According to Greek mythology, Cyprus is the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love. The island represents the successful marriage of history and hedonism. The Temple of Aphrodite, located in Paphos, attracts tourists from all over the world. The excellence of the artworks featured on the walls of this magnificent temple has to be seen to be believed. The land, owing to its enchanting beauty, has faced many invasions in the past, from Mycenaeans, Assyrians, Egyptians and also Persians. In relatively recent time, the British, followed by the Greeks and the Turks battled over the possession of this exotic island. One good thing that has come out this series of invasions is an intermixing of various cultures. Cyprus today boasts of an impressive array of cultural masterpieces, ranging from centuries old Crusader castles to the Tomb of Mohammed’s Aunt. Each civilization that has claimed domination over the land has left some mark on the culture, history and general lifestyle.

Saranta Kolones ruins Paphos, Cyprus

The Vibrant Cyprus Nightlife

The Aiya Napa resort is located on the far eastern end of the south coast of Cyprus. This luxurious resort presents tourists with a true taste of the Cyprus nightlife. The best nightclubs in Cyprus are located here, and regular performances from famous DJ-s and vocalists keep the dance floors alive every night. Kids are not kept away either, the Bedrock Inn was established especially for them. Here the Flintstones cartoon series has been used as the theme, and waiters dressed as cavemen serve the customers. The place, however, is off limits for kids after 11 p.m. The largest club in the mile long chain of pubs and clubs is the Castle Club, famous for having three rooms in it with three different types of music playing in those at all times. A relaxation room is also available, where customers can put up their weary feet for some time.

Picnic for a day

Most national parks located all over Cyprus have picnic spots for visitors. These areas are well-equipped with barbecue facilities, car parking, toilets and drinking water and even play areas for children. It is a perfect opportunity for spending a lazy day relaxing with the family or friends.

Wine Tasting in Cyprus

Wine enthusiast tourists can join local wine tasting groups for short time periods. The Chrysoroyiatissa Monastery, dedicated to The Lady of the Golden Pomegranate, produces some of the finest wine in the world. Tourists are allowed to sample various flavors of wine and cheese here. The wine is exported to many countries. King Richard the Lionheart was so fond of the wine produced here that he called it “The wine of Kings” and also the “King of Wines”.

Shopping in Cyprus

The large cities have many shopping centers and just like major cities in any other country; they offer a host of commodities for buyers. The island has its own wonders for shoppers too, like the hand made Lefkaritica lace, created especially by women in the Lefkara village, which is a source of attraction for tourists from all over the world. The lace can be purchased at bargain prices if tourists decide to obtain those from the creators themselves. The local wine Ouzo can also be bought from various shops at reasonable prices. Further bargaining is possible if one decides to purchase commodities in large quantities.


Saturday, November 17th, 2007

Paphos is the capital city of the Western region of Cyprus. The city is not very large, with a modest population of approximately 27,000 only. Tourism is the best industry in the city, offering employment for the majority of the inhabitants. The city is broadly divided into two sections, the Kato Paphos (the coastal area) and the Pano Paphos (the town itself), which is located slightly towards the inland.

Kato Paphos

The coastal region of the city boasts of the gorgeous Coral Bay, a beautiful, sun-kissed beach. The golden sands and the deep blue ocean provide a perfect haven for tourists with a passion for water sports. The 13th century Byzantine castle, that was once built to protect the harbors, now acts as a major tourist attraction. The Theoskepasti Church, built in 1923, still holds a great appeal to visitors. The seaside promenade hosts the old harbor and a good number of modern hotels and restaurants. The hospitality of the well-trained staff in these facilities is truly memorable.

Paphos Castle, Paphos, Cyprus

Pano Paphos

The city itself holds just as many wonders for tourists as the shores. The archaeological museum holds an extensive collection of Cypriot antiquities, dating from as early as the Neolithic Age to 1700 AD. The Tombs of the Kings contains a series of underground tombs carved out of solid rock, which dates back to 4th century B.C. The Doric Pillars that adorn the site serve to heighten its appeal. St. Paul’s Pillar and the Temple of Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of love and beauty) enchant tourists from around the world. The ancient mosaic floors in the castle bear testimony to the glorious days of the past. The 2nd century Paphos Odeon, shaped out of limestone, now acts as a popular location for regular musical and theatrical performances.

When to visit

The summer season is a good time to visit Paphos. The temperature reaches around 30 degrees Celsius during day time, making the weather warm but comfortable for roaming. The cool winter is especially good for tourists who enjoy a hike in the mountains or bear a passion for mountain biking.

Where to shop, what to buy

Kato Paphos is a shoppers’ paradise. The Woolworths mega store beside McDonalds down in the Kato keeps stock of virtually anything a tourist could need. The Papantoniou supermarkets on Ellados Avenue and Chlorakas village are also hot spots for shoppers seeking good items at discount prices. Many small shops on the main shopping lane, which runs parallel to the beach promenade, provide tourists with hand made jewelry, trinkets and locally made footwear for the beach at decent bargain prices. Silverware and copperware are available at discount rates. Locally made clothing and leather goods here are cheap and of good quality. Ouzo, the local alcoholic beverage, can be purchased at many stores.

Paphos would certainly act as a welcome addition to any vacationer or traveler’s wish list. A visit to an exotic place like this could indeed bring with it memories for a lifetime.


Friday, August 17th, 2007

Limassol is a city that is situated on the Akrotiri bay on the south coast of Cyprus and it lies to the southwest of another city called Nicosia and is major tourist destination. It began as a simple market town and progressed to become an important place for trading. The city is also famous for wine being a major Cypriot wine center as well.

Limassol is a wonderfully contemporary resort that is almost a Mecca for most tourists that need to get some active nightlife in, and who want nothing better than to visit many bars and nightclubs. You can be sure of boisterous atmosphere in this second largest resort in Cyprus.

Limassol, Cyprus

You will love Limassol for its hedonistic lifestyle because it’s not where you are going to get much peace. So, once you come here you can expect much to happen and there are also many attractions about including Kolossi Castle, Lambouri Winery, Kourion, Limassol Fort and the religious site St. Nicholas of the Cats.

The historic sites, besides Kolossi Castle and Kourion and Limassol Fort also include Limassol Castle. In fact, there are nine castles in all that are all worth a visit. Other things to see in Limassol include the many churches as well as mosques.

Indoor Market

The indoor market in Limassol is quite big and consists of a square building and you need to get in here before the siesta time if you want to get some serious shopping done. The main street for shopping needs is the Makarios Avenue where you will find a choice of items displayed in the many boutiques and showrooms that line this busy shopping street.

The seafront too is another excellent place for relaxing and you will certainly find some much needed relaxation here. A visit to “Ladies Mile” which is an excellent beach is well worth a visit and there is also a marina that has every facility that a yachtsman would want.

The Kolossi Castle is situated some fourteen kilometers west of the resort of Limassol and this medieval castle has a very stupendous tower that is well worth a visit. Another place worth visiting is Kourion where you can get to see archaeological wonders from an ancient city kingdom.

Also, check out the Museum of Olive Oil where visitors are able to become educated about how olive oil is produced and can also buy and even browse other products related to olive oil. Or, you can go and see Old Port Sea Sponges Exhibition Center where there are many sea sponges collected.

And, for viewing pottery items, you could visit Pilavakion Museum. There are also festivals held here including one in February just prior to Lent and one in September which is the Wine Festival that lasts a week.