Los Angeles

November 5th, 2007

About Los Angeles

Considered as the largest city in the states of California, Los Angeles’ had attained its global status of fame and feature. Being one of the World’s centers of technology, performing arts, trade, and home to numerous interesting and amusing places, many tourists from neighboring states and all over the world flock in Los Angeles for business and pleasure.

University of California, Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles: Where to go

Los Angeles: Amusements and Theme Parks

One of the top entries in a Los Angeles itinerary is visiting almost all the amusement parks in the area. The great amusement and theme parks in the locality are the following:

Disneyland is always on the top list of amusement parks. Considered as “The Happiest Place on Earth,” Disneyland is located in Anaheim. The numerous attractions in the theme park provide visitors sufficient choices of things to do while in LA.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a theme park located in Valencia featuring more than 100 rides and variety of other attractions. This is a Warner Brothers theme park highlighting Warner Bros cartoon characters.

Knott’s Berry Farm, which is located in Buena Park displays the Old West atmosphere including live performances, amusing rides and of course, shopping choices.

Los Angeles: Beaches

For visitors who prefer to spend their time doing beach activities, Lots of beaches are present within and near Los Angeles. Travelers who want to escape the tourist crowds in the city center frequently visit the beaches on the north and south of Los Angeles. There are also beach matches for those who prefer to stay in livelier beach surroundings like the famous Venice Beach where you can enjoy watching street performers and be mesmerized by the sight of hard muscles and captivating personalities roving within the locale.

Griffith Park

Situated on the Hollywood border, the Griffith Park offers recreational conveniences, natural sceneries, and lots of remarkable attractions. From here, visitors can have a substantial view of the Hollywood sign.


Famous handprints and shoe prints of Hollywood legendary celebrities in the courtyard of the Chinese Theater are the most prominent attraction in Hollywood. Other major attraction that remains constantly appealing to sightseers is the world renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you just walk around each area of Hollywood, you will have better chances of not missing any significant trademark of the area.

Getty Museum

Art lovers will surely not miss visiting the Getty Museum famous for the exquisite art collections showcased in this modern hilltop castle. Visiting this museum is free of charge, however parking fee of $7 is charged for cars.

If this is your first visit to Los Angeles you will be thrilled and delighted with the huge number of places to see and things to do in the area. The places featured in this article are only just a few of the best places to visit in Los Angeles. This extensive metropolis is indeed the perfect place where you can truly feel the essence of The American Dream.

Island of Andros – Idyllic Beach Holiday Destination

November 1st, 2007

The Island of Andros, also known as Andros Islands, is the largest and most fertile of the Greek Cyclades Islands. Located 30 kilometers southeast of the mainland port of Rafina in the Aegean Sea, Island of Andros is the much loved vacation spot for well-off Athenians. Most of the persons belonging to this rich class have built their own holiday homes to serve as their hideaway in this idyllic beach holiday destination.

Andros Island presents many ideal sights to see and places to visit. Travelers who love to visit museums and walk around remarkable spots has a lot to enjoy in the Island of Andros. For the exploring traveler, country roads and walkways leading through pine trees and mulberry woods are ideal options for those who love to explore and discover exquisite local villages built on the mountains and mountain springs.

Another distinctive feature of the Andros Island is the meandering dry stonewalls and very old dovecotes that are elaborately decorated influenced by Venetians during the 13th century.

Andros Island, Greece

Things to do in the Andros Island

With a 110 kilometers shoreline and the number of sandy beaches reaching to more than 300, the Island of Andros is a perfect place for a beach holiday seeking traveler. However, if you wish to stay away from overcrowded beaches, do not go to a beach in Batsi- the island’s tourist capital, instead consider going to the beaches located in the northeast corner of the island. However, there are also many popular and beautiful beaches in the north and south of Batsi. Water taxis are abundant in the area so travelers can go to and from the beaches easily. These water taxis continuously ran back and forth to connect the main beaches in the island and to help beach guests to reach even the hardest to reach beaches.

Hiking is another activity that travelers can do during their stay in the Island of Andros. This is a perfect place where they can go for a walk and wander without missing a reasonably priced Greek delight at a riverside taverna, taking note of the sounds coming from the nightingales in the area. Because of the presence of this well-maintained walker’s trail and amazing panoramic view that the island offers, the Island of Andros is also tagged as a “hiker’s paradise.”

Water sport activities are naturally possible in the Andros Island. All the structured beaches in the island offer all water sport facilities. Island of Andros is ideal for wind surfing, diving and boat trips.

The isolated bays of the island each offering their own share of lovely breathtaking backdrop is ideal for the traveler looking for a relaxing hideaway. Indeed Andros Island has a lot to offer among all kinds of travelers. If you are planning to explore the country of Greece, a stop at the Island of Andros will give you the chance to experience a very memorable Greek beach holiday.

Montreux – Pearl of the Swiss Riviera

October 30th, 2007

This minor town tagged as the “Pearl of the Swiss Riviera,” is located in Lake Geneva. Montreux is popularly known for the famous month-long celebration called the Jazz Festival, or more popularly Montreux Jazz Festival, which is held every July. Those who are jazz enthusiasts or in general music lovers will surely not miss including Montreux when visiting Switzerland. But, even those who are not jazz aficionados will surely enjoy wandering around this fascinating town located on the Swiss Riviera. World- famous wineries, prehistoric castles and the dramatic atmosphere of the mountain views are enough grounds why many travelers choose to spend their holiday in Montreux.

What to Do In Montreux

A walk along the promenade blissfully lined with flowers and palm trees provides an enchanting yet relaxing experience for visitors seeking a less demanding activity to enjoy. The shore along with its small water inlets offers many activities that visitors will truly treasure. Bathing in this small coves are enough to satisfy any group that may flock along this palm-lined pathways. Visiting Chateau de Chillon, the most recognized landmark in Montreux is a must especially for first time travelers to this town.

Castle, Montreux, Switzerland

The admirable location of being between lake and mountains offers a lot of opportunities to enjoy the stay even by just wandering or strolling within the locality of Montreux. The Jazz Festival that is habitually occurring during the month of July is not the only international event that travelers can enjoy in Montreux; there are also theatrical performances, concerts featuring classic musical performances, and Christmas market held in Montreux during each season.

Other Activities to Enjoy in Montreux

You might be amazed with the very inviting diversity of sceneries in Montreux that is ideal for many kinds of leisure activities or even sports activities, which travelers can enjoy doing as they spend their holiday in Montreux.

Montreux has a complex network of way marked trails, suitable for hiking purposes. Hikers will unquestionably enjoy the eye-catching scenery within Montreux as they continue to discover the hiking course within the district during the summer season. Visitors during the winter season can also have their own share of activities to enjoy while in Montreux. Downhill skiing, snowshoe hiking and snowboarding Even travelers looking for adventure can have a bite of it in Montreux. Paragliding is one of the adventure sports that many love to do; paragliding over the area offers adventurous persons to enjoy the fantastic scenery below.

Where to Stay In Montreux

Montreux provides a lot of accommodation choices for every tourist traveling to Montreux. It is a wise idea to check with a travel agent or booking agency on the availability of best hotel deals to suit your needs and wants.

Finest Tourist Attractions in Dehradun

October 29th, 2007

Dehradun is the capital city of the Uttaranchal state in the country of India. Dehradun is located on the Doon Valley and positioned between Ganga and Yamuna rivers, the two most essential rivers of India. Located 230 kilometers north of New Delhi, India’s capital, and the center of Delhi’s metropolis, Dehradun has usual north Indian city climate characteristics with cold winters, warm summer, torrential rain downpour, and a temperate spring season. Many of the finest tourist attractions in Dehradun are perfect travel ideas for sightseeing travelers from all around the world.

Dehradun Tourist Attractions

There are a number of tourist spots in the city of Dehradun. Because of its picturesque location and fair weather conditions Dehradun has gradually became a favorite holiday destination of many travelers coming from different parts of the world. In spite of the many economic and urban development in the city, Dehradun still is able to retain its appealing charm that is sure to captivate any traveler’s heart and interest. Many tourist attractions are ideal for anyone who loves sightseeing interesting places. This includes Tapkeshwar Temple, Sahastradhara, Mussoorie, Malsi Deer Park, and Robbers Cave – to name a few.

  • Tapkeshwar Temple is the most significant temple in Dehradun. Visitors coming to this temple located on the bank of a seasonal river will take pleasure in watching the innate water drops dripping naturally from the ceilings inside the caves.

    Sahastradhara, Dehradun, Uttaranchal, India

  • Sahastradhara are the sulphur springs and a waterfall. Besides enjoying this picturesque sight, many who come to the springs believe that the water coming from the spring has its own healing value. Sahastradhara had since then began to be one of the most visited places in Dehradun, because of the soul and body rejuvenating feeling that it offers to those who come to the place.
  • Rajaji National Park is among the most fascinating place to go to while in Dehradun. This heavily wooded safe haven holds refuge to bird varieties, elephants, leopards, and barking deer. Aside from the animal species, the plant lives present in this shelter are such a sight to behold especially for nature lovers.
  • Malsi Deer Park is another slowly developing tourist spot located at the foothills of the Shivalik range. Deers and bird species are the common attractions that contributed as to why this place is an ideal place for outings. This is also considered as a mini-zoo with the existence of lovely animal creatures. Because of its location, the place serves as a perfect picnic stop for travelers going to Mussoorie.
  • Robbers Cave is a very famous tourist attraction in Dehradun because of a very strange phenomenon that is observed in the place; a stream goes underground and then reappears after only some meters away. The charming scenery of the location makes it an ideal spot for picnics and delightful getaway for the pleasure-seeking traveler.

The abundance of many fine types of scenery makes Dehradun as a wonderful holiday destination. No need to spend a lot of time thinking, plan ahead and visit Dehradun.


October 25th, 2007

There are a lot of remarkable places worth visiting when you are in Fiji. Be it sightseeing or other activities, there a variety of options for every traveler in Fiji.

Adventure Activities in Fiji

Travelers to Fiji can take pleasure in their choice of water sports activities like surfing, scuba diving, game fishing, snorkeling, and sailing.

Surfing in Fiji

Fiji is very well known in the surfing society because Fiji has a lot to offer for surfing enthusiasts. There are a number of surfing resorts in Fiji offering various services and surfing sites perfect for each surfing need. The most famous surf breaks in the international surfing community on the South Pacific is the Namotu Left. Fiji is recognized for the surf breaks that are not advisable for beginners, however there is also a place on the south coast of Viti Levu where beginners can safely try to surf in case they are not yet fully prepared to surf the over reefs surfing camps and resorts in Fiji. Travelers who want to surf in Fiji are advised to check first with their airline carrier for costs and baggage limitations.

Fiji Tourism

Game Fishing in Fiji

The deep strait around the abundant reefs in many parts of Fiji are the finest spots to catch Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna, and Spanish Mackerel. Some fishing resorts offer game fishing trips to its guests to exceptional fishing areas within the vicinity of Fiji that are excellent sites for fishing.

Scuba Diving in Fiji

Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities that tourists enjoy in Fiji. Excellent visibility and the existence of varieties of soft corals are among the features that enabled Fiji to acquire its popularity in this kind of water sport activity. Available resorts offer scuba diving opportunities, however guests are reminded to check credentials of the scuba diving operations within backpacker resorts before entrusting themselves.

Sailing in Fiji

The numerous islands that compose the Fiji Islands offer an exceptionally perfect place for sailing. The islands with isolated bays, traditional Fijian villages, and extensively inaccessible beaches are excellent features that make vacationers come back to Fiji and enjoy sailing. Racing boats and cruising yachts from around the globe often visit here because of the admirable sailing conditions and climate perfect for sailing especially during the months of April to December, which is considered the Fiji sailing season.

Snorkeling in Fiji

Snorkeling in the secluded lagoons around the Fiji Islands are some of the excellent activities that is offered to guests in many resorts in Fiji. Some of the best locations for snorkeling are found in the off Kadavu and Taveuni Islands, however some popular tourist attractions in Fiji are not perfect sites for snorkeling like the Coral Coast. Guests who want to enjoy snorkeling are taken by boat to offshore reefs in case they want to enjoy snorkeling.


October 25th, 2007

Chicago, the largest city in the state of Illinois, is a major convention destination and one of the most visited places in the United States. There are countless of places to visit in Chicago. The list is unending that it is very hard to decide on what particular place to start when exploring the city. Today, Chicago is one of the most important and most celebrated tourist attractions in the world. The city is an illustration of natural and decent amusement and satisfaction merging together modern amenities and past historical memoirs. There are a lot of things to do when visiting Chicago. You will be delighted to know that there are numerous of things to do that are absolutely free of charge.

First to consider is to visit the Lincoln Park, which is home to high maintenance animals like tigers, lions, bears, and other wild crowds are located. Admission is also free of charge with the neighboring Farm-in-the-Zoo, which holds quarter to domesticated animals, John Deere tractors, and a standard classic red-and-white barn.

Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois

Worth of your second stop is the Navy Pier, Chicago’s leading tourist attraction. Be one of the 8 million sightseers visiting the place yearly. Entry to the Navy Pier is free, though some separate attractions charges a certain fee like the Imax Theater and Children’s Museum, however areas within the site including the Beer Garden and The Smith Museum of Stained Glass are some of the free places to visit within the area.

For those who love to shop or just look around visit the Maxwell Street Market. You will never be charged for entering the street market but of course, you have to pay at a relatively lower price for the things that you intend to buy. If you love eating Mexican foods, the place offers a broad selection of Mexican stalls presenting authentic Mexican dishes.

Nature lovers will surely enjoy going around and observing the Garfield Park Conservatory on the near west side of Chicago. A wide range of greenhouses is present in this Jens Jensen conservatory creation that is considered as one of the largest in the country.

Public art exhibited at Chicago’s Loop district downtown is a must see scenario for art buffs. This exhibit showcases works of named artists including Pablo Picasso, Jean Miro, Marc Chagall. However, each artist’s works are featured in separate streets within Chicago’s Loop downtown district. Besides public art, artworks featured in Chicago’s top art museums are also available for free viewing throughout admission-free hours.

Indeed, there are a lot of things to do at the same time enjoy in Chicago, if you want to save money. You can still ENJOY Chicago without overspending. Now, who says traveling is just for the wealthy?

Information on the Finest Places in Peru

October 23rd, 2007

Peru, a country in western South America, has a lot to offer when it comes to important and interesting places worthy of a visit. Successor of prehistoric culture, Peru is a product of the blending of rich cultures and interesting archaeological history. Proofs of this statement are evident in many of the most remarkable travel destinations in Peru.

Where to Go in Peru


Situated along the Pacific Coast, the Peruvian shoreline promises a lot of valuable potentials when it comes to water related activities. The coastline’s distinctive characteristic includes variations in different areas with calm, serene water on some parts and roaring waves in the other.

Cuzco, Peru

This old-fashioned and pretty town is quite small and can be reached by plane only. Parks in Cuzco are filled with pigeons completing the mystical atmosphere of the town. Interesting places worthy of a visit for those who love to visit religious sites are the Church of La Merced, Temple of San Blas, and the grand Cathedral. For those who have the passion for the arts, The Museum of the Religious Art is admirable for its elaborated Moorish structural design. European and Indian influenced works of art are preserved in the museum. Bargain shopping for fleece jackets and sweaters are suggested in case you were not able to bring one because weather in Cuzco is quite chilly at times.

Lima, Peru

Being Peru’s capital, Lima exudes its own sophisticated cosmopolitan atmosphere but still preserves its authentic Indian culture. Tourists’ favorite destination in Lima, Peru is the more than 40 museums present in the city of Lima. Most museums keep up historical and religious relics and works of arts originating from the earliest Incan ethnicity.

Machu Picchu, UN Heritage Site, Peru

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a U.N. Heritage site and has always been Peru’s most celebrated tourist destination. This man-made city sits on the center of a tropical mountain forest enables to have a view over the Andes mountains and the Amazon basin. Visitors will be amazed with the temples and palaces reserved for the highest Incan royalty as they rove around this primeval sanctuary. The Temple of the Sun and The Temple of the Moon are two of the most popular temples in this famous tourist attraction in Peru. Including Machu Picchu in your itinerary planning is a must when you plan to visit Peru, however, be prepared for a long travel going to and around Machu Picchu.

Puerto Maldonado

This stunning national reserve park has three conservation areas: the Manu Biosphere Reserve, the Tambopata -Candamo Reserve, and the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park. Travelers go to Tambopata -Candamo Reserve to see endangered species that are preserved in the reserve park, whereas 450 varieties of bird species are housed in the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park.

Peru is a culture-rich country that you should never miss when planning to visit South America.

Top 4 Places to visit in Costa Rica

October 20th, 2007

Top 4 Places to visit in Costa Rica

Tabacon Hot Springs

Tabacon Hot Springs in Costa Rica is home to biological geothermal springs, the reason why this place is one of the top places to consider when visiting Costa Rica. Why? The water from the Tabacon River is heated by the Arenal Volcano then flows to the physical pools of the Tabacon Hot Springs. Unusual plants are present in the vicinity adding up to the unadulterated charm atmosphere. Near the entrance of the river is a heated waterfall where you can sit and enjoy the soothing sensation as the water touches your body.

Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano is considered as the youngest and smallest, yet the most active volcano in Costa Rica since its last eruption on July 29, 1968 where it killed a total of 78 people. This cone-shaped volcano is one of the top tourist destinations in Costa Rica. There are places to stay like lodging houses that offers a panoramic view of the Arenal Volcano. The lodgings wherein you can have a view of the Arenal Volcano are the ones who are most easily rented out. While there are those lodgings that are nearer the volcano, there are also accommodations a little bit far from the crater of the volcano for those who worry of being very near an active volcano. This place is worth visiting and there is no need to worry of eruptions because volcanologists responsible for the area are continuously monitoring the activity of the volcano.

Nicoya Peninsula

Famous for its white sand beaches, nearly all tourists have the Nicoya Peninsula on the top list of the places to visit in Costa Rica. A four-wheel drive is necessary to pass through the complex dirt roads but this is never a problem to deal with for surfers and scuba divers who are very eager to explore the Nicoya Peninsula. If you want to travel around the whole of the Nicoya Peninsula in a laid back manner it might take you two or weeks.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica
Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Aside from the white sand beaches in Costa Rica, the famous travel destination is also famous for the beauty of nature evident in the number of reserves in Costa Rica. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is one of the most exceptional natural world sanctuaries in the Americas. This place is one of the reasons why tourists keep coming back to Costa Rica.

Monteverde Cloid Reserve Forest is sanctuary for more than 400 bird species and over 100 mammal varieties. Visitors will take pleasure from viewing the wildlife as you go along the trails of this world famous forest reserve.

Experience a Costa Rican vacation, witness and be a part of the popular attractions in Costa Rica like white water rafting, canopy quest, sport fishing and jungle accommodations. These recreational activities made Costa Rica a popular travel destination.


October 18th, 2007

About Jordan

Jordan is one of the Middle East countries, which is bordered by Israel and West Bank to the west, Iraq to the northeast, Syria to the north, and by Saudi Arabia to the south and eastern part. The country of Jordan is comprised mostly of barren, waterless flat terrains in the east and raised grounds or highland regions in the west. Since Jordan is one of the desert countries, the climate within Jordan is hot and dry. Because of its individual geographical character along with its well-preserved locations, a multitude of prehistoric places, the presence of desert palaces, and its rich culture, Jordan continues to be one of the major travel destinations in the world.

Jordan Tourist Attractions


Amman is the capital of Jordan, most of the time regarded as the “white city”. Today because of the prevailing building constructions of the modern period, excellent tourist amenities and hotels are continuously branching out particularly in the jabal sections of Amman. The main attraction in Amman is the presence of the Roman amphitheater from the second century Ad located in the city’s center. The Archaeological Museum found at Jebel el Qalat and the National Gallery of Fine Arts are some of the tourist attractions that are present in this capital city of Jordan.

The Ancient Monastery, Petra, Jordan


Nabateans mostly built this unique city, which is amazingly carved in a mountain, during the fifth and sixth centuries BC. The huge rocks delicately colored, most of them pink are some of the distinctive features of this mountain carved city. There are many structures in this city that are also major sites of interests including the Royal Tombs, Monastery, the High Place of Sacrifice, and the Roman Theatre. The most renowned part of Petra is Al Khazneh famously known as the Treasury, which has been chosen as one of the “New Seven Wonders of the World.”

The Dead Sea

Located 1286 ft below sea level, The Dead Sea is considered to be the lowest point on earth. Tourists because of the belief and teachings that the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are underneath its waters frequent this place. The Dead Sea shimmers by day and night in a strange and dried out land. This creepy atmosphere is one of the reasons why travelers never missed out seeing the place.

Wadi Rum

Situated in the south of Jordan, aside from the things to see, Wadi Rum is a place where travelers can splurge themselves on sports activities like rock-climbing.


For travelers who are keen on seeing religion related places, Madaba is the home of some religious sites like the Jordan River, where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ and Mount Nebo.

There are still many places of interests that are worth visiting in Jordan. Indeed, Jordan is worth a visit when considering a travel to a Middle East country.


October 17th, 2007

There are many places and attractions to witness in Essex, a county located in the East of England. The county town of Essex is known as Chelmsford.

Places of Tourist Interest in Essex

Castles in the County of Essex

The Hedingham Castle located near Braintree, a town in the county of Essex houses a fine representation of Norman Keep. Here you can see the Tudor Bridge, which is used, as the entry point in reaching the castle. Another castle, the Cressing Temple is reachable few minutes outside the town of Braintree. Within the Cressing Temple is a gigantic storage place where a representation of how the Knight Templar protects pilgrims on the way to the Holy Land is being kept for exhibition.

Hedingham Castle, Braintree, Essex, England

Another castle worth visiting in Essex is the MountFitchet Castle is found in Mountfitchet, which is very near Stansted.

The 11th century Norman Castle in Colchester is the most remarkable Norman Keep ever built. The castle is also considered as the largest surviving Norman Keep structure.


The town of Colchester is a perfect embodiment of the rich culture of Britain. Walking around Colchester is like walking back to Britain’s exciting historical past. There are many fantastic places to visit in Colchester like the Colchester Castle Museum. For family outings and activities, travelers can visit the Mistley Place Park that is open on most days. After going to the Mistley Church, families can spend their time going around or just relaxing at the park.

Activities to enjoy while in Essex

Shopping in Essex

Antique lovers will surely enjoy shopping aged items of different values in the scenic Battlesbridge. In the same way, as fresh produce lies abundant in the county’s farmer markets and local produce shops. Visiting Maldon give shoppers the chance to choose from a wide array of goods displayed in many boutiques and shopping outlets.


Cycling around the countryside of Essex gives cycles the chance to go around Essex and witness the almost perfect green landscape, river valleys and scenic spots that are really pleasing to the eyes. What a refreshing way to enjoy a supposed to be tiring sport activity.

Fun Family Activities

Kids will enjoy visiting the Colchester Zoo, where they will have the chance to see Europe’s finest collection of cats and monkeys.


Essex brags of an extensive shoreline where water enthusiasts can take pleasure in engaging to appropriate water sports activities. Watersports activities are not the only activity that the coastline of Essex has to offer; non-enthusiasts can just stroll along the shoreline where they can witness fisherman still unloading the day’s catch.