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Historic Holidays in Tunisia

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Though one of the smallest countries in North Africa, Tunisia is nevertheless a very popular tourist destination with many attractive sights to see including those of historical and cultural importance that are more than a match for anything that can be found in any other North African country. One of the factors that contribute to its historical and cultural charm is the fact that it has at one time or the other been occupied by many great Mediterranean Empires which is embodied in its turbulent history and given this country a unique as well as interesting way of living that is quite unique in it and not at all like that of its neighboring countries.

Tunis, Tunisia

Tunisia may be small in size but it has a lion sized number of important places to visit and many interesting activities to do which is why many Europeans flock here to sample the outstanding Islamic architecture and also to take in the sights of ancient Roman as also Carthaginian ruins. Given the friendly nature of its peoples, Tunisia is deservedly a hotspot as far as tourism goes and along with lovely sandy coastlines and the extraordinary deserts, you can be assured of an outstanding holiday and an enervating visit to this Islamic country.

If you want to get the most from your visit to Tunisia, then plan your holidays to fall within the months of March and May which is when the temperature is ideally cool and suitable and that is when the warm summers attract most Europeans, though be prepared to pay premium money for decent accommodation.

Belying its small size, you will certainly not want for places to visit and things to do in Tunisia and a visit to Tunis the capital will provide you with relaxation and then you can venture not far from here to visit the ruins in ancient Carthage as also Utica. You would also appreciate the oasis town of Tozeur that has breathtaking scenery as well as an outstandingly thriving market and the best way to enjoy the scenery would be atop a camel where you should try the camel safaris, which is a wonderful and amazing experience in itself.

You will be simply spellbound with your first glimpse of Tunisia with its golden beaches and wonderfully blue waters. A coastline of more than twelve hundred kilometers provides you with ample opportunity to take in the paradise-like attractions of this Mediterranean land. So, take in some of these places of interest such as Sousse, Monastir, Hammamet as well as Nabeul, Djerba as also Tabarka where there are many waterfront hotels for you to relax in and also enjoy sea sports as well as windsurfing and sailing.

There is also another equally enchanting side to Tunisia where you can view the ancient Roman, Arab as also Berber or Phoenician sites and here you can get a good reminder of the historical past of this wonderful country.


Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

The third largest country in the world – China is one of the important places in Asia, with great ethnic as well as cultural diversities. China has been ranked fourth among the world’s most popular tourist destinations, after France, Spain, and the United States. According to the World Tourism Organization, China attracts more than 46 million international tourists per year. With an area of 9.6 million square kilometers, China consists of 23 provinces, five autonomous regions, four municipalities, and two special administrative regions. Further, China shares borders with almost 14 nations, thereby credited to be the country with the maximum number of countries as its neighbors, such as Bhutan, India, Afghanistan, North Korea, Myanmar, Pakistan, Russia, and Nepal.

Great Wall of China

Apart from being home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall, which can be seen even from the space, China has many fascinating tourist attractions from Shaolin Temple in Henan Province to the gardens of Hangzhou. The capital of China – Beijing – come with such world-famous attractions as the Imperial Palace Museum within the Forbidden City, which is the largest palace complex in the world. Beijing’s attractions also include the Temple of Heaven Park, the Lama Temple, the Summer Palace, Beijing Botanical Garden, and the undoubtedly the Great Wall of China.

No matter you are modern or traditional, Shanghai caters to all types of travelers. Located on the mouth of the Yangtze River, this fabulous city has to its credit attractions including Jade Buddha Temple, Jin Mao Mansion, Yuyuan Garden, and Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

Equally marvelous is attractions of Hong Kong, a refreshing destination packed with a host of museums, parks, and gardens, all of which are attached with ample open spaces to stroll and relax. Peak Tower, St. John’s Cathedral, Wong Tai Sin Temple, and Repulse bay, are just few among many of its amazing attractions.

For art and craft buffs, a must-visit Chinese destination would be Xian, with interesting attractions such as the Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, Bell Tower, the Drum Tower, and Sleeping Dragon Temple. Likewise, for those who want to explore the natural beauty of China, one of the best options would be Chongqing – a serene mountainous town blessed such famed attractions as Gold Buddhist Mountain, which in turn is home to some rare flora and fauna.

Also, visit places of historic prominence such as Guilin – a blend of natural and historic spot, Kaifeng whose history dating back to more than 3000 years, and Dunhuang offering vistas of the Gobi Desert. Other enchanting cities are Suzhou on the banks of the Taihu Lake, Hangzhou – one of the oldest Chinese cities, and Tibet with vibrant cultures. In addition, China has a lot number of incredible ports as well as coastal areas.

Besides, China is much popular for its gorgeous landscapes, lakes, rivers, mountains, and waterfalls. Of which most famous are the Five Mountains, Mount Huangshan of Anhui Province, Mount Emei, Nine Hamlets Valley, Huanggoushu Waterfalls, Limestone Caves, the Stone Forest, and the Three Gorges along the Changjiang River.

China is well-renowned for its unique festivals that are held annually. Apart from this, the country is popular for its art form such as acrobatics, Beijing Opera, and painting and calligraphy.

Also, worth mentioning is Chinese cuisine, which has been considered one of the most popular among the world cuisines.

Tour to Brazil

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Brazil is one of the world’s most influential as well as the most populated nation in South America. Formerly a sovereign state, Brazil is now a Federal Republic, consisting of 26 states and a federal district. An amazing vacation spot, the country is categorized into five geographic regions: North, Northeast, Central, South, and Southeast, each of them with its own exceptionality.


The capital city, Brasilia is at the spot which was once a scrubby forest. But, the place is now a well-planned city, with a network of superb attractions such as Alvorada Palace, Alto Paraiso, Congress Center, National Theater, Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia, and the Memorial JK. Another important yet fascinating Brazilian destination is Rio de Janeiro, which is perhaps the most spectacular city in the country. Alternatively called Rio, it comes with a couple of marvelous attractions, covering natural destinations, man-made landmarks, fantastic buildings, and a host of museums and monuments. Rio beaches including Ipanema and Copacabana are simply marvelous, with superb facilities for activities such as kite surfing, rowing, and sailing. Then, not to mention about Corcovado Mountain, whose centerpiece is a massive statue of Jesus Christ. Further, Rio hosts some great festivities including the much famed Carnival.

For those planning to explore both ancient and modern attractions during their vacations, one of the best options would be to take a tour to San Paulo – the first city in Latin America as well as the largest city in South America. This intimidating destination has to its credit some of the world-class attractions such as the Sacred Museum of Art within an 18th century monastery, Planetarium with a 48-foot dome, restored Municipal Theater, the Butana Institute, which is home to thousands of snakes, and Republic Square, where much fabulous Sunday Fair is held. Likewise, no visit to Brazil is complete without taking an excursion to the UNESCO heritage site – Salvador da Bahia, an ancient as well as interesting city, founded in 1549. An eclectic bastion of Amerindian, African, and European cultures, the city’s attractions such as colonial buildings graced with stucco work, restored cathedrals of St. Francis and St. Anthony, and the Municipal Palace, are really worth mentioning. Besides, Salvador de Bahia is venue for one of the biggest carnivals in the world.

The coastline of Brazil stretches more than 3,000 km on the Atlantic Ocean, and found along the coast are some of the fabulous beaches, well-preserved rain forests like the Amazon – the largest in the world, cascading waterfalls such as Iguassu Falls, ecosystems like the Pantanal, which is the richest in the world, and superb lakes and rivers, all of them making the country an excellent destination for ecotourism tours.

Equally amazing is the country’s Chapada regions which have been now transformed into national parks, of which most prominent are Chapada dos Guimares and Chapada Diamantina.

Above all, the country is revered for its coffee production, football, and music including bossa nova.

Family Holidays in Florida

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Florida – popularly referred to as ‘the sunshine state’ – is the extreme south-eastern state in the United States. Situated on a large peninsula – Florida is the largest state, east of the Mississippi River, after Georgia, and is ranked 22nd among the 50 US states. With its powdery white sands and bright green waters on its gulf shores on Key West, Pensacola, St. Petersburg, and Tampa – Florida offers an endless variety of things to see and do. 

Florida’s attractions promise a holiday that you will never forget. Florida is categorized into five distinct geographical regions: the Eastern Coast of Florida, the Western Coast, Central Florida, the Panhandle and the Southern Tip with the Keys, each with some unique features to draw visitors from all over the nation as well as from many other parts of the world. Among the sought-after destinations in the Eastern Coast of Florida is the stunning Fort Lauderdale and Daytona Beach, which is famed for its white beaches, outdoor recreation, and obviously the Dayton speedway. Renowned for its beautiful sunsets, the Western Coast of Florida includes such great attractions as Sarasota, Tampa, and St. Petersburg.

Park Florida

Central Florida is perhaps the most popular of the state’s destinations, with Disney World Resort, which has been rated number one among the amusement theme parks. Situated south of Orlando, Disney World’s highlights are Universal Studios Escape and Sea World, among many others. Filled with tropical land and swamplands, the Southern Tip of Florida is famed for its vibrant cities such as Miami, which is highly favored by visitors for its teeming nightlife, tropical dining, white sand beaches, and other family attractions. Situated off the southern tip of Florida and just 15 miles south of Miami – the Florida Keys is an archipelago with about 1700 islands, and boast of such attractions as Theater of the Sea, Mel Fisher’s Treasure Museum, Key West Aquarium, and Bahia Honda State Park.

A narrow strip of land stretching westward from the top of the peninsula, the Florida Panhandle consists of such hot vacation spots as Destin, Emerald Coast, and Fort Walton Beach areas, along the Gulf of Mexico. Panama City with its 43-km stretch of coastline is also situated here, which is home to an impressive range of tourist attractions such as the Gulf World Marine Park, Zoological and Botanical Park, the Emerald Falls Family Recreation Center. Further, the city highlight includes Spring Break festivities conducted on every March.

Best places to visit in Florida also cover a lot number of historic as well as science museums, art galleries, world-class botanical gardens, national monument, and thriving state parks. Just few among them are Frost Art Museum, Cornell Museum of Art & History, Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science, Boyd Hill Nature Park, DeSoto National Memorial, Eureka Springs Gardens, Alafia River State Park, Anastasia State Park, and Bald Point State Park. Further, the state provides opportunities to enjoy a spectrum of activities from snorkeling and diving to fishing and surfing. Above all, Florida is a top-notch retirement location, welcoming senior citizens from both the nation and the other major parts of the world.

Short Break in Sousse, Tunisia

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Sousse is the third largest city in Tunisia and it is one of the better places to visit in Africa as well as in Tunisia. Getting around the city should not be difficult and it is an ideal city for the independent minded tourist who wants to both experience a wonderful holiday and also take in many pleasing sights to see. You will like the working port in the center of the city as also the Medina that is rich in history and which has some very nice fortifications surrounding it. There is also an exciting beach where tourists and the locals mingle together and if you want to see the rest of Tunisia, you will easily get rail connections to the north and also the south.

Sousse, Tunisia

Sousse is also the capital of Sahel with olive groves that take up more than two hundred and fifty thousand hectares of land and which is a treasure which contributes immensely to the economy of Sousse itself as well as to the rest of the country. A visit to the Sunday market will afford you opportunity to buy everything from a mule to a motorcycle and if you are feeling hungry, head down to Route de la Corniche where you will find amazing places to eat.

Sousse is a city that has many things of interest which is why tourists flock here from all around the world though main attractions are centered on the Medina that is famous for its ancient ramparts. Within is the Khalel Al Fata Tower that is a lighthouse dating back to 859 AD, and you will also get to see the eight century fortress named Ribat that was used to defend the country against foreign enemies. You will also be impressed by the Great Mosque that has many arches shaped in the form of horseshoes which surround a regal courtyard built in 850 AD by the Afhlabid Emir Abou El Abbes Mohammed.

Another interesting place to visit in Sousse is the Sousse Museum that contains a very attractive garden along with many Roman mosaic collections that are as good as any you will find anywhere, especially such as those found in Bardo.

If you are not averse to visiting nearby places of interest you could head down to Port El Kantaoui that is just fifteen minutes away by taxi or Noddy train. There is also the birthplace of former leader President Bourguiba that is located in Monastir that you may want to visit as well.

In any case, once you are in Sousse you will find many resorts as well as beaches and also many orchards and olive groves. You will especially like the Mediterranean climate and in spite of the fact that Sousse is closely associated with olive oils, tourism is a major activity here and there are more than one million visitors coming here each year just to relax in the many fine hotels and savor the cuisine in comfortable restaurants as well as enjoy the nightlife and gamble at the casinos.

Visiting Chile

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Chile is a charming tourist destination, situated on the southwest coast of South America. With Santiago as capital, Chile occupies a 2,800 miles long coastal strip sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains. Officially known as the Republic of Chile, the country is bordered by Peru on the north, Bolivia on the northeast, Argentina on the east, and the Pacific on the west. At the southernmost tip of the country is Drake Passage – a body of water lying between the oceans: the Atlantic and the Pacific.


The country has to its credit a dazzling array of places of interest, such as the highest geyser field in the world – El Tatio Geysers, perched at an altitude of 4,300m. Located midway between South America and Tahiti, Easter Island is a great tourist destination, which is much famed for its attractions such as the magnificent crater of Rano Kau, the remnants of the ceremonial center of Orongo, the quarry of Rano Raraku, and huge statues. Chiloe Island, famed for its fantastic wild life, and Robinson Crusoe Island, are the other popular island destinations in Chile.

Similarly, explore the archaeological wonders of the country by visiting destinations like Arica whose focal points are the geoglyphs at Putre and the Lake Chungara. Highlights also cover the Atacama Desert, which is considered the driest desert in the world. This area is home to such popular destinations as the Lauca National Park. Further, one can see here salt formations and volcanoes such as Tocorpuri and Sairecahur, apart from some significant archaeological remains and Andean churches.

The center of economic, political, and cultural life, Santiago amuses tourists with its world class attractions covering museums, art galleries, and exciting nightlife. Just an hour’s drive from the capital city is Rancagua, where one can find the world’s deepest copper mine. Also, worth mentioning is Valparaiso, the main port as well as the second largest city in the country. With an array of superb attractions such as Galería Municipal de Arte and Palacio Lyon, this astounding city has been declared as a World Heritage Site. Puerto Varas is another amazing town, noted for its cascading rivers, tranquil lakes, towering forests, and breathtaking wildlife.

For an unforgettable vacation, visit such Chilean destinations as Patagonia, which is steeped in legends and consisting of a chain of glaciers, lakes, icebergs, and amazing forest. Also, found here are attractions like Torres del Paine National Park, which is a perfect destination for an astonishing trekking holiday. Chile also forms a perfect destination for adventure holidays. Kayaking and rafting travel at the Canyon Rivers and a trekking trip through the Andes Mountain ranges are a fine example for this.

Attractions such as Juan Fernandez Archipelago, La Serena, and Viña del Mar are also worth mentioning. Likewise, take tour to the fabulous beaches and extensive vineyards while your stay at the country.

Above all, interesting is the Chilean gastronomy ranging from seafood specialties to sumptuous dishes such as Empanada, Parrillada, and Humitas. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the Chilean drinks including wine, beer, and Pisco, which is made from grapes after wine pressing.

Archaeological Holidays in Peloponnese, Greece

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

A visit to the large peninsula known as Peloponnese that lies in the south of Greece and forms a part of the southern area of the Gulf of Corinth is definitely worth considering the next time you wish to visit Greece. It as an area that covers approximately eight thousand plus square miles and has two land connections to Greece of which one is the Isthmus of Corinth and the other is the Rio-Antirio Bridge.

You will enjoy its many mountainous interiors as also the coast and the highest point on Peloponnese is known as Mount Taygetus. In addition, there are two island groups that lie off the coast of Peloponnese that are known as the Argo-Saronic Islands that lie to the east and the Ionian Islands that are on its western side. Peloponnese has known inhabitation since the prehistoric times and it owes its present name to Greek mythology and more especially to its hero named Pelops, who is believed to have conquered this entire part of Greece. So, Peloponnese literally means “Island of Pelops.”

Mycenae Leon Gate, Olympia, Peloponnese

A visit to Peloponnese would also mean visiting some its major cities that include Patras, Kalamata, Corinth, Tripoli, Argos, Pyrgos, Aigion as also Sparta and finally, Nafplio. In addition, there are many important archeological sites here in Peloponnese that date back to the Bronze Age. Whilst you are here, make sure that you check out Bassae, Corinth, Epidaurus, Messene, Mistra, Olympia as well as Pylos and Tegea to name but a few of the places of interest on Peloponnese.

Typical of these places of interest in Peloponnese is the ancient Olympia where you can find a grandiose temple foundations and many colonnades as well as altars that are among some of the interesting archaeological finds you will come to enjoy in this quiet, tranquil and luxuriant location.

You will find many mountainous terrains on Peloponnese that is also very rugged, though the climate makes up for it as it is typically Mediterranean by the coast, though within the interior, it is more continental. This is a mythical island where in every corner lurks some piece of Greek myth and you can revel in the scents from the sea, mountains, its grapes, olives as also citrus. Korinth is a commercial center as also a transport hub. You can also experience the magic of the Vouraikos gorge that is situated among grassy mountains and a railroad.

If you want to also visit the Ionian Islands and Italy, you would do well to go to Patras that is located on the west coast and is the window from Greece to these places. Another place worth visiting is Sparti that is the capital of Lakonia and near by to its west is the Byzantine castle-state known as Mystra where you will find some outstanding churches, monasteries and also palaces and mansions. These are but few of the amazing attractions you will get to enjoy when in Peloponnese.

Get Outdoors in Perth, Western Australia

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and it is an exciting city where one can find plenty to see and do. You will find many exciting shopping opportunities where the bustling markets provide diversity and along with the heritage architecture and the pretty parks there are also inviting beaches, fine wineries as also the opportunity to take river cruises that are very relaxing. The climate is temperate and thus makes for an even more enjoyable holiday that will have you coming back for more. You should take the time to leisurely stroll the streets of Perth and take in the wonderful sights. There are many cultural as well as historic buildings to see including the Perth Concert Hall, Perth Town Hall and also St. Mary’s Cathedral, Perth Mint and the Swan Bells Tower.

Perth, Western Australia

There are also many shopping malls where you can shop to your heart’s content with the two main shopping malls known as Murray and Hay Street malls and a notable feature of these malls is that no traffic is allowed here and you can enjoy the many specialty stores here as well. You might also want to head to the London Court that is another shopping arcade well worth paying a visit to.

The Western Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of Western Australia are located at the Cultural Centre and Northbridge in Perth and if you wish to enjoy the aboriginal art of Australia, then a visit to The Art Gallery of Western Australia is a must. Tourists are also seen heading to Kings Park that has some breathtaking views of Perth City as also Swan River. And, the Botanic garden here has a wonderful collection of the best and most unique of Western Australia’s flora. If you are a trekker, then you can enjoy the tree top walkway that has a glass as well as steel arched bridge.

Once you visit Perth and get to see the beautiful beaches and enjoy the fantastic weather and are enthused by the friendliness of its inhabitants you will be even more pleased to learn of the outstanding golfing opportunities that the city has to offer. Perth is certainly an ideal destination for the golfer, especially if you want to get something other than the rain and mist of Scotland. You should check out Joonadalup Resort Golf Course, Burswood Park Public Golf Course, and Vines Golf Course.

And, for the water enthusiast Perth is the ideal destination because it has some pristine beaches that stretch for miles on end and is really nothing short of an underwater paradise where there are many whale sharks that are the largest fish in the world, and where divers love the waters that also have many dolphins that swim all the way to the edge of the waters and are certainly very pleasing animals to feed and photograph.

You should also pay a visit to Perth Zoo that has more than sixteen hundred species and is just five minutes from the city along the Swan River that in turn enters the Swan Valley where you will find a number of wineries as also art galleries. And, every tourist will also make Rottnest Island an item on their itinerary, which is just across from Perth.

Relaxing Holidays in Gran Canaria

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Gran Canaria is the central of the Canary Islands and has many excellent cliffs, sand dunes as also attractive scenery where a visitor can also enjoy taking camel rides, indulge in the water parks as well as enjoy the naturist beaches and more. There is a lot of variety on Gran Canaria Island which means that a visitor would find no occasion to complain or feel disappointed given the wonderful mountains and volcanic craters waiting to be explored. There are also verdant forests with different vegetations as well as sand dunes that are very like those found in the Sahara. All of this makes the Gran Canaria a mini continent in it.

Las Canteras, Gran Canaria

There are also visitors to Gran Canaria that love its vibrant night life where there is much fun to have as well as diversity of opportunities. The nightlife generally begins very late in the night and the bars as well as restaurants are then open well into the wee hours of the morning allowing you to dance and drink away the hours in complete oblivion of time. There is plenty of wild entertainment to enjoy and there are also many fiestas, carnivals as also special events to keep you interested. Also, you will realize how much the Spanish people love to dress up; so, there is a lot to make the night livelier and more enjoyable.

The capital and largest city of the Gran Canaria is Las Palmas which has beaches to enjoy a quiet swim and also many busy shopping centers to indulge in buying various items of interest. Besides, there are also many museums, and plenty of opportunity to surf, relax in the sun and surfing on Las Canteras is especially recommended. In addition, you will be impressed by the fantastic architecture of Vegueta and there are also plenty of atmospheres in the city which you can absorb while taking a casual walk. You can enjoy the Carnivals during the months of February and March and this is a good time to visit here.

The beaches at Las Palmas are many and Las Canteras has the biggest of them and it is the most popular and is also considered as being among the finest of any beaches in Spain. There is also a sheltered three kilometer long cove that is ideal for swimming, sunbathing and also other water sports. There is also the Paseo de Las Canteras that has many shops, bars as also restaurants and the main shopping area of Las Palmas is known as Mesa y Lopez. The largest department store in Spain is the local thirteen storeys high El Corte Ingles which has everything a bargain hunter would wish for.

For the night life, you could visit Plaza de Espana, where you will enjoy partying into the late hours of the night and enjoy the sixties’ music in modern clubs or sample the more traditional Spanish bars as well as restaurants.

Getting Around Canada

Monday, June 18th, 2007

The world’s second largest country – Canada is an incredible tourist destination, with plentiful of culture and scenery. Located on the Northern America, Canada has the Arctic Ocean on the north, the North Atlantic Ocean on the east, and the North Pacific Ocean on the west.

Each of Canada’s regions is diverse, and has its own uniqueness. For instance, Toronto – the country’s largest city – boasts of the tallest building in the world, CN Tower, from where one can enjoy superb vistas of the Lake Ontario. Equally worth mentioning is the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, with a host of ski resorts, prominent being Banff and Jasper. Likewise, the much celebrated Canadian city, Vancouver is popular for its Stanley Park, covering an area of 1,000 acres, apart from a host of other attractions. Another prominent Canadian city is Banff, much famed for its Banff National Park, which in turn is declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Also, fascinating are attractions of Canadian cities such as Quebec – an eclectic blend of new and old world heritage; Nova Scotia – popular for its Bird Island; and Montreal – a thriving cosmopolitan destination famed for its French culture.

Vancouver, Canada

Discover the natural wonders of the country by taking tour to some of the nation’s picturesque forests, scintillating waterfalls, and world-famous national parks. Canada occupies one tenth of the world’s forest. From Boreal forest in North Canada to the Great Lakes Forests in Central Canada, these forests are really astounding. Most popular among the Canadian waterfalls is undoubtedly the Niagara Waterfalls, noted for its splendid beauty and majestic rumbles. Panther, Takakkaw, Kakabeka, Tyrrell, Partridge, Twin Falls, Kazan, and Marengo, are the other well-liked waterfalls in the country. When comes to national park, Canada contains a superb network of parks, of which significant ones are Cape Breton Highlands that is home to Cabot Trail; Elk Island – an oasis for endangered species; Fundy National Park, with the highest tides in the world; Kootenay – a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and Dinosaur Provincial Park. Canada is also home to some of the finest lakes such as Great Bear Lake, Great Slave Lake, and the Lake Athabasca. Another popular attraction is the Royal Botanical Gardens which is popular among tourists, both national and international.

Apart from these, Canada has a great number of museum and art galleries, each with rare collection of art items. Also, of interest are the festivals as well as the events of the country including Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Celtic Colors International Festivals, and Celebration of Light whose centerpiece is the fireworks competition. Above all, Canada renders fantastic options to enjoy a variety of fun activities such as golf, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, and skiing.

In a snap shot, Canada’s spectacular cities, wonderful spectrum of outdoor activities, fabulous festivities, and interesting man-made attractions, are all worth mentioning.

Further, Canada has more than 1,200 airports, 1, 00,000 km of highways, 45,000 km of railways, and 600 km of waterways, thereby making it easily accessible from any part of the world. Perhaps, for these reasons tourists flock to this magnificent destination year-round.