Agra – The City of Taj

September 25th, 2007

Situated in the farthest corner of Uttar Pradesh, a state in the northern region of India, Agra is one of the key cities in India. According to its history, Raja Badal Singh founded the city of Agra in 1745. Located on the banks of River Yamuna, there are lots of worthy places to visit in Agra. Let us have a look at some of the major tourist attractions and things to do when you are visiting this beautiful city.

Popular Tourist Attractions In Agra

Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is the most significant tourist attraction in the city of Agra. The fifth Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan as his memorial remembrance of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal built the Taj Mahal. This catacomb, built as a representation of a man’s immemorial love to his wife was constructed out of pure white marble, is the main reason why the city of Agra was tagged as the “City of Taj.” Although there are many beautiful places in the world, the Taj Mahal has its own unique and impressive characteristic that etches an unforgettable impression to anyone, tourists and locals alike visiting Taj Mahal. The ornamental garden that is very impressive is indeed an added attraction of the Taj Mahal. Walking along with your companions as you tour around Taj Mahal complex is a very relaxing and awesome experience. This main tourist attraction in the city of Agra is open to all from 6 o’clock in the morning until 7 o’clock in the evening everyday, except Fridays.

Other places worth seeing within Taj Mahal in Agra are the Cenotaphs of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan and the two mosques – the eastern red sandstone mosque, where worship is done and the western red sandstone mosque considered as a decorative site.

Agra Fort

In 1565 A.D Emperor Akbar constructed Agra Fort, now considered as one of the remarkable architectural masterpieces in Agra. Palaces and mosques built inside Agra Fort are added attractions that continuously draw tourists and local visitors. Structures within the premises of Agra Fort are the following:

• Naubat Khana (The Drum House)
• Moti Masjid (the Pearl Mosque)
• Mina Masjid (Heavenly Mosque)
• Nagina Masjid (Gem Mosque)
• Shis Mahal (Glass Palace)

China-Ka-Rauza (The China Tomb)

This Persian patterned mausoleum constructed with glazed tile is dedicated in memory of a Prime Minister in the court of Akbar named Afzal Khan.

Shopping in Agra

A tour would never be complete without shopping for take home mementos. Agra has its own share of markets that are popular to tourists from traditional markets to modern shopping complexes. The old marketplace now known as the Kinari Bazaar has various individual trading areas that have long been present since the Mughal period. More modern shopping sites include the Sadar Bazaar and the south of Taj Gang. Many travelers for their own shopping experience in Agra often repeatedly visit these shopping areas.

Shopping in Agra will not be complete without a take home pack of paethas, a well-known delicacy of Agra and of mini replicas of Taj that is available in almost all of the shopping areas in Agra.

St Maarten

September 24th, 2007

St. Maarten is certainly a wonderful tourist destination if you want to enjoy its excellent beaches and take in the other sights that make it an important tourist hot spot. While in St. Maarten, be sure to check out the wonderful beaches called Maho Bay and also Mullet Pont Bay while other notable beaches include Cay Baai and also Guana Bay. Besides the beaches you can also visit Border Monument, Dutch Cul de Sac and also the Great Salt Pond.

Over in Philipsburg there are also many interesting spots to visit such as viewing the Burgher’s House, court house, De Ruyterplein and also Fort Amsterdam as also the Sint Maarten Museum. Another exceptional place worth visiting here is Simsonabaai which is a fishing village that is not very big and is ideal if you want to go sailing, water skiing and also for wind surfing.

Dutch Museum, St. Maarten Museum, St Martin

However, most people actually come to Maho Bay which is situated close to where the Queen Juliana Airport landing strip ends and so besides the excellent water activities to keep you amused, there is also the ever present landing and taking off of aircraft as a side attraction as well. In a similar vein, you could enjoy the excellent sandy beaches at Mullet Pont Bay while a visit to the Border Monument is worth your while as it is an ideal reminder of how the Dutch and also French learnt to coexist on this island for over three hundred years.

You might also find the Fort Amsterdam in Philipsburg a great experience as here are where the ruins of the island’s first fort lie that were supposedly built as far back in time as the seventeenth century. And, the Sint Maarten Museum is another tourist attraction because it helps to highlight how the history of island from pre-Columbian times unfolded and you can get to see the tools, idols, pottery as well as one Arawak canoe as well.

Tobago Vacations

September 22nd, 2007

Once you come to the wonderful Tobago Island, you must make it a point to visit Little Tobago Island that is situated at the very eastern end of Tobago and which lies close to Speyside that is a bird sanctuary which at present is uninhabited and where there are many trails for you to try out. There are also spectacular scenic wonders to view especially when you look seaward in the direction that Red Footed Boobies and also Frigate birds take and which are found in considerable numbers. There are many boats with glass bottoms that will ferry you across to this island while giving you a wonderful look at the wondrous coral reefs as you pass over them and also while circling the small Goat Island that is situated in Tyrell’s Bay.

There are several tourist attractions on Tobago Island including Crown Point where you can also visit Coco Reef Resort, Fort Milford, Pigeon Point, and Store Bay and also there is Scarborough where the Botanic Garden is located.

Tobago Islands

Other places of interest include Fort King George where you can visit the Tobago Museum and of course, you will find plenty of excellent scuba diving and also snorkeling activities to enjoy.

On the windward side of Tobago Island, you can visit the Richmond Great House and in the north coast of the island there is Arnos Vale Water Wheel and Nature Park, Grafton Nature Sanctuary and also Mt. Irvine and Kimme Museum. And, you will also find Tobago Rain Forest Reserve quite interesting as well.

In fact, as you traverse the road that takes you into the Rain Forest Reserve you will be spellbound by the excellent scenic wonders and there are also excellent hiking trails and to get more pleasure, you may even hire one of the many freelance guides.


September 20th, 2007

Calabria is a region in the southern part of Italy. With only 9 percent of flat land, most of Calabria is comprised of hills and mountains. Unlike many places that are frequented by tourists, Calabria does not possess a multitude of historic and constructed tourist attractions. Calabria does not have the many tourist spots that the whole of Italy has. Though, there are also ancient bridges, churches, and castles what Calabria boasts for is the pure and real beauty of the place and its dwellers.

While all the bigger cities and provinces in Italy have updated to the modern civilization, Calabria with remnants of the magnificent ancient civilization still offer the old warm captivating appeal to the gallant sightseer. The unpolluted air and clean water are such a sight to behold for anyone who visits Calabria. Aside form the coastline and mountains that primarily draw tourists in Calabria, the warm and cordial character evident to Calabrians add to the real beauty of the place.

Scilla, Calabria, Italy

Where to go in Calabria

  1. Reggio Calabria, popular for its extraordinary scenic sight of botanical gardens between floral and plant inspired structures and awesome beaches. The area is also famous for its 3000 year history of the ancient Aragonian Castle and the noble National Museum of Magna Grecia.
  2. Scilla, on the Tyrrhenian Sea, the location of some tales of Homer has a rich history of significant religious traditions. It is also considered as the “Pearl of the Violet Coast.”
  3. Tropea, on the Tyrrhenian seashore, is a really nice town, popularly known for its sweet red onions.
  4. Capo Vaticano is a very prominent, inviting, and wide bathing place near Tropea. The wide beaches are perfect for those who love to spend summer seaside pleasure.
  5. Pizzo Calabro, situated on the coast of Tyrrhenian Sea is popularly known for its ice cream called “Tartufo”. Piazza Republica is also a worth visiting place in Pizzo.

How can you reach Calabria?

  • The speedy way to reach Calabria is by air travel. There are 3 airports: Tito Minniti in Reggio Calabria, S. Anna in Crotone, and Lamezia Terme Airport.
  • Intercity and Espresso trains interconnecting Calabria to the main towns of northern Italy are making travel to and from Calabria a lot easier than it was years ago.
  • Others travel to Calabria by ship and ferry boats from Sicily to Reggio Calabria.
  • Traveling by car is also an option for travel because of the motorways that runs within the whole province from north to south.

A trip to Calabria will not only provide the chance to see amazing sights of nature. Like other tourists that continuously return to Calabria after the first visit, you will not only see but also feel the Calabrian experience.


September 19th, 2007

A visit to sunny Morocco should allow you to explore many of the interesting places including places such as Asilah, Casablanca, Essaouira, Fez, Imlil Gorges, Marrakesh, Meknes, Quarzazate, Rabat, Tangier, Tetouan and Zagora.

When in Marrakesh be sure to check out the Agdal Orchard, Badii Palace, Jebel Toubkal, Imlil, Bahia Palace, Dar Si Said Museum, Koranic School, Koutoubia, Djemaa el-Fna Square, and the Majorelle Museum. There are also many souks worth visiting and in the surroundings you can visit places such as Aghmat, Dar Caid Ouriki and High Atlas Mountains as well as Oukaimeden, Ouzoud Falls, and Tin Mal Mosque as well as the excellent tisi n’Test Pass.

Marrakech, Morocco

And, there is also Tangier that is sometimes referred to as the Gateway to Morocco and which is the summer capital of the country. The best places to visit in Tangier include Cape Spartel, Grand Mosque, Grand Socco, Forbes Museum of Military Miniatures, Church of Immaculate Conception, Gran Teatro de Cervantes, Kasbah Museum, Petit Socco, Mendoubia Gardens, Musee d’Art Contemporain, Museum of Antiquities, Terrace of the Idle, United States Legation and in the surrounding areas there is Artistic Festivals to attend, and the Ethnographic Museum as well as the Archeological Museum in Larache.

Places that you can visit in Rabat include Chellah Necropolis, Hassan Tower Mausoleum and Mohamed V Mausoleum. Other attractions in Rabat include the Archeological Museum, Bab Rouah, Bour Regreq Dam, the excellent Consules Street, Costume Museum, Hassan II Avenue, Merinide Mosque, Museum of Moroccan Arts, Natural Science Museum and Oudaias Kasbah and Postal Museum, the Royal Clube Equestrian Riding School and the Royal Palace and also Sebbat Souk.

The Hassan Mausoleum holds the remains of King Mohamed V and this is situated close to the Hassan Tower, and this mausoleum is famous for being the place where Mohamed V returned from exile and where many thousands of Moroccans gave thanks to God for making their country free.

Petite Côte

September 18th, 2007

A visit to Petite Cote will take you south east of the capital of Senegal which is Dakar, and if it is pleasurable beach fun that brings you here or just for the chance to see the excellent fishing villages, your time here is bound to be filled with sun filled excitement. There is also a sea that is known for its calmness right here at Petite Cote which is also protected from high winds thanks to the Cap –Vert Peninsula.

You could begin your tour of the Petit Cote with a visit to the famous seaside resort known as Saly where there is plenty of good hotel accommodations available and that is why it is a veritable Mecca for tourists who are attracted by the excellent activities provided here including windsurfing, fishing, water skiing, tennis and swimming as well as horse riding and more.

Mbodiene, Petite Cote, Senegal

Some of the best beaches are found south of Saly in places such as Nianing as well as Mbodiene and you can also find many clams and even oysters in the waters not too far from the shores. Another striking place to visit is Fadiouth Island while you can also go to Mbour as well as Mbodiene and Joal-Joal that is the native place of Senegalese President named Leopold Senghor.

While, if you travel another sixty kilometers from the capital Dakar you should come to a tiny village known as Popenguine that is situated on a seashore that lies sandwiched between Somone and also Toubab Diallal and this place has been frequented by many thousands of young Christians who come to this sanctuary each year following Whit and the practice has been going on since the year 1888.

Thus, any visit to Petite Cote will allow you to enjoy the seventy odd kilometers of a coast that extends from Rufisque to Joal Fadiouth with many villages in between including Yene, Ndayane, Toubab Diallao and also Somone and even Ngaparou where the beaches are very inviting indeed.

Koh Samui

September 16th, 2007

Koh Samui is considered the third largest island in the Gulf of Thailand. Flourishing green rainforests and coconut cultivated area covers the island to a great extent. Latest modern development gave rise to the appearance of modern day establishments including luxury resorts, wellness spas, banks, and international airport; these improvements paved way in making Koh Samui the travel destination of travelers heading for the Gulf of Thailand. Even with the recent economic growth in Koh Samui, local residents made it a point to protect and preserve the tranquility of the island that is often recognized by tourists visiting Koh Samui.

Beaches in Koh Samui

Koh Samui boasts of the great number of beach choices who loves to have fun in a peaceful atmosphere. Each and every beach in Koh Samui has their individuality in terms of ambience. There are beaches that offer a place for those seeking a romantic and calm place to enjoy swimming. Those who love nighttime entertainment can settle for the beaches that are near to shops and late night disco bars. Food lovers will like to stay in a beach that has a number of restaurants catering local cuisines to Western cooking right on the beach. Some of the beaches in Koh Samui have tranquil sea character with marginal coral reefs where snorkeling buffs can do snorkeling activities as much as they like.

Sightseeing in Koh Samui

Besides water fun and adventure, you will enjoy sightseeing many places in Koh Samui. You may arrange for a tour to see these places or better yet to settle for something less expensive, you can also travel around Koh Samui, of course with the help of a Koh Samui map.

Visit Hua Thanon, a fishing village in Koh Samui where you can catch sight of their uniquely designed high-bowed boats with brilliant colored patterns. Within this fishing village is a fish market where the freshest catch of the day are sold.

Big Buddha, Koh Samui

The most famous attraction in Koh Samui is the Big Buddha, which is found in Phra Yai Temple. This popular statue is very huge you can visualize its appearance even if you are several kilometers away from its location, the primary reason why tourists continuously visit the statue, to personally witness its absolute beauty and enormous size.

Waterfalls in Koh Samui are such a sight to behold. Some of these are Na Muang I and Na Muang II. These two waterfalls are some of the most picturesque places of interests in Koh Samui.

Shopping in Koh Samui

Shopping is a must for travelers. A travel to Koh Samui will give you the chance to enjoy shopping for a wide array of Thailand souvenirs, clothes, paintings and many more. Chaweng and Lamai are the top destinations when you are thinking of shopping in Koh Samui.

If your primary purpose for traveling is relaxing, Koh Samui is highly recommended to be in the top list of your travel considerations.

Ireland Vacations

September 13th, 2007

When in Ireland, you will be sure to find many interesting places to visit including Ballina, Cork, Dingle, Dublin, Galway, Kenmare, Kilkenny, Killarney, Kinsale, Limerick and also Sligo as well as Tralee. Ireland is also a great tourist destination and you might want to start your holiday in Dublin where there is plenty to do and see including Brougham Bridge, Cruise Port, Dillon Garden and also Dublin Grand Canal. In addition, you can visit the Abbey and Peacock Theatre, Belvedere House, Ceol – Irish Traditional Music Centre, Collins Barrack, Dublin Custom House, Dublin Writers Museum and the excellent Four Courts.

There is also the General Post Office that is worth visiting as too the Garden of Remembrance, Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, and National Wax Museum and a number of churches, abbeys and cathedrals including the likes of St. Mary’s Abbey, St. Mary’s Church, St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral and also St. Michan’s Church. Suffice to say, that when in Dublin there will not be any shortage of interesting sights to see.

Round Tower of Kilmacduagh, Ireland

Another place worth visiting in Ireland is Limerick where there is the English Town in which you can visit City Court House, King John’s Castle and also Sarsfield Bridge, while the St. Mary’s Cathedral is another outstanding place to visit as too is Thomond Bridge.

In the Irish Town there is Granary, Hunt Museum/Custom House, Jim Kemmy Municipal Museum and also St. John’s Cathedral as well as St. John’s Square that you will like to visit. Other places of interest include People’s Park in Newton Perry, O’Malley Sculpture Collection in Plassey as well as many more places such as Carrigogunnell Castle in the surrounding areas.

You might also want to visit Galway where you could see Eyre Square and Browne’s Gateway, Galway Cathedral, Galway Harbor, Lynch’s Castle and the excellent St. Nicholas’s Church and plenty more.

Costa Calida

September 13th, 2007

A visit to Costa Calida may not be quite the same as visiting the better known Costa Brava, but it is still one of the better places to visit in Spain. So, if you do decide to visit Costa Calida makes sure to check out Aguilas F.C. Museum that is a must for every soccer enthusiast, and there is also an ethnic museum of miniatures known as Angel Reinon, while over in Lorca there is the Archaeological Museum where you can find displays of finds from prehistoric times.

Costa Calida

In Cartagena, there is the excellent Concepcion Castle that is located very aptly on what is known as Hill of La Concepcion which is but one of a total of five hills that provide protection to the town of Cartagena, and where there is an excellent tourist center as well.

Another top spot worth visiting in Lorca is the Guerra Theater which boasts of being the oldest theater anywhere in the Murcia region having opened up in the year 1861, while if you are in La Manga there is the La Manga Go-kart worth paying a visit to and which is the biggest Go Karting track in this part of the world and which is ideally suited for enjoying a day out.

Another place of interest when in Lorca is the Museum of the Paso Blanco and this building was once a church and which is now the museum of tapestry of the group known as White Pass that is given to participating in the parades when Easter time arrives is certainly a place worth visiting. There is also the Museum of Wine that you could visit at Bullas and this excellent museum that displays locally made wine from Bullas will provide you with valuable knowledge about how wine is made and you can also taste some of the excellent wines made here.

Rome – The Eternal City

September 5th, 2007

About the city…

Rome, a breathtaking city with a certain air of timelessness about itself, is the capital of Italy and the most populated commune in the country. Mythology tells us that Rome gets its name from its founders, Romulus and Remus though archaeological evidence suggests that the city grew from pastoral settlements on the palatine hill. The Leonardo da Vinci Airport or the Rome-Fiumicino International Airport is well connected to different parts of the globe by most of the major air carriers.

When to visit Rome…

The tourist season in Rome begins at Easter and continues up to October, spring and autumn being the peak periods when tourists pour in from various parts of the world. The numerous outdoor festivities and the light traffic on the roads made possible by the residents abandoning the city to enjoy the mountains and beaches in summers also makes it an ideal time to visit this beautiful city. Some restaurants and shops close in the month of august and Christmas time witnesses a mild winter and a few fun activities.

Some must see places in Rome

The Roman Colosseum

Concrete Roman Colosseum

Also known as the Flavius Amphitheatre, The Colosseum of Rome is one of the most imposing structures that stand witness to the innumerable bloody fights that were fought on its opening ceremony and the gladiatorial combats which the people thronged to see, a major form of entertainment those times. The arena has a capacity of 70,000 spectators. Built out of slabs of travertine stone, the original structure consisted of 4 storeys. What stands today is a skeletal remains of the original splendor. The tiers are angled in such a way that a spectator, wherever he’s seated gets a clear view.

The Pantheon

Coming from two Greek words, “pan” and “teon” meaning everything divine, it is one of the oldest works of art existing. It is the best preserved monument having the biggest brick dome in the history of architecture. It was built between 25 and 27 BC and later rebuilt in 80 AD, after a fire. The present day structure was built by Emperor Hadrian after the original was hit by lightening and caught fire again, after lot of modifications and restructuring. As Michelangelo put it, the Pantheon is indeed a work of angels, not men.

St Peter’s Square – The Colonnades

The ornately decorated Basilica beneath the dome architectured by Michelangelo attracts many pilgrims of the Roman Catholic faith. It has taken more than 100 years to build and all the great designers of yore had a part to play.

The Roman Forum

It is situated between the Colosseum and the Piazza Venezia. A magnificent view of the Forum can be obtained from the terrace of Campidoglio. The imposing ruins of Basilica Emelia, the Cura, which was once upon a time the seat of the senate is also visible from the terrace. The forum was a place of celebrations during Caesar’s time and a symbol of The Empire in the imperial times.

Here’s the place for all you travel enthusiasts to come, visit Rome and experience and enjoy the enriching flavor of one of the oldest cities in the world.